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Naive Breath
Tempus Celere Proserpit
The Yin and the Yang
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Chris Ribet Myers Photography
C Ribet: C Ribet lives in Northern California in Silicon Valley but pursues subjects for photography wherever he may find them. Mushrooms are a favorite subject, of course. Many of the mushroom pictures you see on these pages are of mushrooms growing at Plum lake in the North woods of Wisconsin and in the surrounding countryside there. Other mushroom photographs are of mushrooms native to California. Mushrooms represented here are from Mendocino, Sonoma and from the Santa Cruz mountains among other areas of the state of California.California Oaks and Landscapes: California landscapes and the characteristic oak trees and shadowed hills and valleys of California are other favorites of the artist. The brief time before the true end of winter and the start of spring in Northern California affords tremendous opportunity for any photographer native to the area. Then is the time to capture the striking contrast of the bare forms of wintering oaks surrounded by the lush greenery of early spring grasses lit by the raking side light of a lingering winter sun.Water and Extreme Macro Photography: C Ribet's pursuit of tinier and tinier subjects in mushroom photography (many fruit bodies are extremely small with details not visible to the naked eye) has led to other subjects of the natural world of the miniature. Much of C Ribet's latest work involves extreme close-up photography of water droplets and water condensation on leaves, blades of grass, and on other foliage. This new series of prints intimately explores the interplay of aqueous lensing and reflection and illuminates the natural energies hidden within these tiniest of water droplets and water bubbles.
C Ribet's background is as a photographer and a scientist resulting in a unique aesthetic and technical perspective on fine art photography of the natural world.
Artist's Statement:
"My artís purpose is to expose the extraordinary beauty and energy of the Natural world. I love to explore what hides at the threshold of perception or passes unseen or overlooked. My tool is the camera, but the perspective I choose and my subject matter can render images which are abstract and highly contemplative. The tiniest fungi, lensing and reflection within raindrops and dews, the interplay of water with plants, all offer fascinating glimpses into worlds where boundaries of our ordinary reality no longer apply. In my method I try to capture not only Natureís tangible raw physical beauty, but also to express her spirituality, which I hope to expose and share through the artistic interpretations I create."
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