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Facade study (1)
Facade study (2)
Tango (1)
Tango (2)
Tango study (3)
Tango study (4)
The Two Pigeons (2)
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Charles Willmott Paintings
Born in Stratford-up-on Avon, the only son of artist and metalcraftsman Hague Willmott. Charles, although for the most part self-taught, studied originally at the Birmingham College of Art.He works from his studio attached to his home in Herefordshire, the rural heart of England, where he lives with his wife Susie.As a contemporary figurative realist he prepares graphite & charcoal studies before painting in oils.Charles has been painting since the early 60’s and in the mid to late 80’s he acquired a passion for the Orient and its cultures. During 1991 his first one-man show was staged at London’s Mall Galleries and was unique in featuring Japan’s national sport, Sumo.In more recent times Charles has worked particularly with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Royal Ballet. In the case of the former covering a number of productions including Tim Albery’s Macbeth and Michael Attenborough’s direction of The Herbal Bed and in the latter working extensively with principal dancers including Miyako Yoshida and Darcey Bussell.In the years 2000 and 2003 this dedication to the stage and performance achieved him a finalist place in the prestigious Garrick/Milne Prize and today Charles’s work disciplines are divided fairly equally between Portraiture,Female Form and Dance.
Birmingham College of Art, otherwise self taught
Finalist place Garrick Milne Prize 2000 and 2003
Single Exhibitions:
1991 Mall Galleries, London, UK
1992 The Kokkugikan,Tokyo, JAPAN
1993 The City Plaza, Birmingham, UK
1993 Michael Stewart Gallery, Bristol, UK
1994 Chalk Farms Gallery, London, UK
1995 Pheonix Gallery, London, UK
1996 Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath, UK
1997 Artifex Gallery, Birmingham, UK
1997 Kingfisher Gallery, Cardiff, WALES
2000 Vilas Fine Art, Letchworth, UK
2001 Bloxham Galleries, London (2 man), UK
2003 Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2003 Untitled Gallery, London, UK
2004 Artifex Gallery, Sutton Coldfield, UK
2005 Whittington Fine Art, Henley, UK
2005 Above Art Gallery, London UK
2005 Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2007 New Gallery (RWA) Bristol UK
2008 Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells UK
2010 Medici Gallery, London, UK
2010 Artifex Gallery, Sutton Coldfield, UK
Group Exhibitions:
1992 Galeria Brisamar, Marbella, SPAIN
1994 The Halcyon Gallery, London, UK
1994 The Halcyon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
1994 Roy Miles Gallery, London, UK
1994 Galeria Brisamar, Marbella, SPAIN
1995 Mistral Galleries, London, UK
1995 Omell Galleries, London, UK
1995 The Halcyon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
1995 Parkview Fine Paintings, Bristol, UK
1996 Harrods Picture Gallery, London, UK
1996 The Edinburgh Gallery, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
1996 Phoenix Gallery, London, UK
1997 Galerie Lijn 3, The Hague, HOLLAND
1998 Galerie Utrecht, Utrecht, HOLLAND
1999 Thompson`s Gallery, London, UK
1999 Vilas Fine Art, Letchworth, UK
1999 Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2000 Vilas Fine Art, Letchworth, UK
2000 Bloxham Galleries, London, UK
2001 Bloxham Galleries, London, UK
2001 Bloxham Galleries. London, UK
2002 Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2002 Bloxham Galleries, London, UK
2002 Gagliardi Gallery, London, UK
2003 Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2004 Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2005 Whittington Fine Art, Henley, UK
2005 Bohemia Gallery, York, UK
2005 Clifton Gallery, Bristol, UK
2007 Ardean Gallery, London, UK
2008 Arifex Gallery, Sutton Coldfield, UK
2008 John Noott Galleries, Broadway, UK
2010 Number Nine The Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Artist's Statement:
As subject matter I would probably have to confess to a near obsession with dance, particularly the ballet. In classical roles I've enjoyed the privilege of working with many greats, like Darcey Bussell, Miyako Yoshida, Monica Zamora, Kevin O'Hare, Catherine Batcheller and Joe Cipolla. I have experienced the energy of contemporary dance whilst working with the Rambert Dance Company, particularly with choreographers Christopher Bruce and Wayne McGregor...of course Wayne is now breathing new life into the ballet at the Royal Opera House in London. Over the years I've made several detours working with the Flamenco dance sensation Joaquin Cortes, classical Indian dancers Sonia Sabri and Chitraleka Bolar and many other forms of dance. My admiration for the beauty and grace of dancers has deepened my interest in distilling the essence of the female form. My aim, to capture the mobility, rhythms, fragility, strength and sensuality of woman. The girls with whom I work hail from all walks of life, some are models but many have ordinary lives and jobs where they have no need to expose themselves to a critical eye. It’s a matter of delicate negotiation as to how much of their bodies or themselves they would like to reveal.
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