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King of Nagas Class
King of Nagas Class2008
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Chaiwat Kamfun Paintings
Born December 23, 2523 at the U 122 / 2 Moo 3, Bang Bao their coping Mon Tue Chiang Mai 50130 Thailand
- (S.m.) Master of Arts branch of Thai art painting year period to condemn sin and print pictures. Silpakorn University, Bangkok.
- award-painting contest at the Sriracha 4 "beautiful sea belt visual beauty behalf Chonburi Sri Burapha" High School
- 2 awards at branch level Pwch. painting
- has received scholarships from the Fund in Sierra Hybrids end soi
- Color Product Awards "Fine Arts invented" the art of contemporary art competition, a pod Eyaw No. 20.
- award sponsored by Krung Thai Bank award 1 in the National Exhibition of Art No. 53
- have received capital from the fund promotion of education The Arts Foundation Inc. c track seeding statesman Gen. Tin satisfied Nt into court.
Single Exhibitions:
- And display the gallery dart
- "Thai arts and culture," On the eve emperor
- and showcase the unique art contest
- Joint presentation of gallery painting extol.
- His honor King you the UK head "because his 60-year peak Cold Care" in 2549
- as a gallery exhibiting dart "Thai arts and culture" as No. 2 on master - and exhibition display.
- exhibition The Night of Art at Colonnade at the Sukhothai Hotel
- the Exhibition (Artist Self Portrait), Artery Gallery "Art as thick face" (Artist Self Portrait), Artery Gallery.
- LIGHTNESS DARKNESS at Teo + Namfah Gallery
- ART Singapore 2007 at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
- Exhibition LIGHTNESS DARKNESS at Teo + Namfah Gallery
- exhibition ART Singapore 2007 at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
- the show go against the associate professor
Art Santa Fe International Art Fair at USA.
- 9 Thai Artists at Number 1 Gallery
- Exhibition THE NORTH FAITH -9 Thai Artists at Number 1 Gallery
- Exhibition of JED YOD GROUP No. 6.
- The art exhibition ARTITUDE Bird group for sixteen degrees at Hof Art Gallery.
Artist's Statement:
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