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Basket of Strawberries
dans la serre
Pamela's Chair
sans titre
tulipe 2
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Catherine Hicks Paintings
Catherine Lombard-Hicks enroled at the Fine Arts School in Rouen in 1974, and graduated in 1979 with the DNSEP ("Diplôme National Supérieur d 'Expression Artistique"). She continued her courses in the painting studio of the Fine Arts School in Paris (Matthey Studio). Ever since she has participated regularly in personal and group shows in France, Canada and the United States. Her work is represented in many private collections, among other countries in Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Australia. In addition to oil painting she has produced numerous works by pastel and ink drawing, lithography (studied in the Printmakers Studio of Bob Blackburn in New York), etching, and recently has mastered the technique of monoprinting (Malaspina Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.)
1974-79: Fine Arts School, Rouen, France: DNSEP ("Diplôme National Supérieur d 'Expression Artistique").1979-81: Matthey Studio, Fine Arts School, Paris, France.1981-84: Independent artist, Vancouver, B.C., Canada1984-87: Independent artist, New York, N.Y., USA.1987-92: Independent artist, Paris, France.1992-present: Independent artist, Strasbourg, France.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Several commissioned paintings from private collectors in France and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico).
Single Exhibitions:
2006: Galerie Escale au quai, Strasbourg.
2006: Galerie Goery, Strasbourg.
2006: Tribunal administratif, Strasbourg.
2005: Lina's, Strasbourg
2004: Atelier "Portes Ouvertes", Strasbourg
2004: Galerie "aux écluses du Rhin" Gambsheim, 67000
2003: Galerie Paradoxe, Strasbourg
2002: Berlitz Ecole de Langues, Strasbourg
2001: Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg
2000: Atelier "Portes Ouvertes", Vancouver, Canada.
Group Exhibitions:
2005: Galerie Escale aux Quais, Strasbourg
2002: Galerie Internationale, Best Café, Strasbourg
2001: Les Amis de Mittelbergheim, Bas-Rhin
2000: Malaspina Printmaking Workshop, Vancouver, Canada.
Artist's Statement:
My work is inspired by my everyday life and the world that surrounds me. Everything I see is matter for creation, translated onto canvas with my own style. The gesture coupled with the superposition and transparency of colours allows me to obtain a different reality.
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