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I Want To Impress You
Tools For Survival
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Bruce Price Digital Art
Have always been painter, writer, poet and essayist. Author of four books. (Last novel "Too Easy" was published by USA, UK, German, French, Canadian and Dutch publshers.) I write about digital art on Have lit site called; also now write about failed educational policies on
Honors graduate of Princeton in English Literature
Single Exhibitions:
Low Tech / High Tech--show in May, 2007; ink drawings and digital paintings. Norfolk, Va. (Experimented drawing with right hand because left was wrecked by so much digital.) One example added: Dramatics. Show continues by appoinment.

As digital artist, was selected for 40 juried shows during 2004-2006, winning 12 awards.
Artist's Statement:
As artist, have been exclusively digital the past 8 years. It was my belief from the beginning that the future of digital would be fine art, not photo-manipulations that remained essentially photographic in nature. Digital had to be used as just a new kind of tool, like paint or etching. So the goal for me was to exploit all this new technology but to make art that was aesthetically successful in an old-fashioned sense. From the start I used the phrase: new kinds of beauty....
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