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Antique Gold
Delicates Canvas
'Delicates' Cube
Delicates Cushion
Handle With Care
Handle With Care Cube
I Miss Cath
'Made In' Canvas
Made In Chair
Made In Cube
'Made In' cushions
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Bridget West Applied Art
Designer, Bridget West creates individually crafted, contemporary homeware through her company, Pieces of You. Social responsibility led her to imitate nature’s eco-systems, to explore ‘waste’ as resource. Her three tiered collection includes Printed Designs, Unique Pieces and the Bespoke range. ‘Printed Designs’, printed onto Organic textiles, play on label obsessions and use international care symbols. ‘Unique Pieces’ celebrate recycling as discarded clothing and their labels evolve into something functional and precious. The Bespoke service is personal as the client’s sentimental fabrics and memories, pieces of themselves, are incorporated to create something unique.The way forward is to not simply allow objects to be superseded through time but to change our attitude towards them, bringing a level of appreciation of them to an extent that they’re kept and valued as timeless.
2002-2004, Central Saint Martins - Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design• Artefact Pathway - Awarded an ‘upper second’ class • Dissertation achieved a ‘first’: The Recycled home: Household Functional Art, 2001, Kensington and Chelsea College - Pre-foundation in Art and Design 1995, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg - Higher Diploma in Education 1992-1994, University of Natal, Pietermariztburg - Bachelor of Arts:• Majors: English and Drama - Directing and Theatre Arts • Minors: Psychology, French Film and Literature, Religious Studies, Zulu (African language) 1991, St.Dominics Academy, Newcastle - Natal Senior Certificate • Drama, English, Afrikaans (2nd language), Religious studies, Home Economics and Biology
Selected Commissions/collections:
Glossy Josh (Cushions)
Always the Bridesmaid (cushions)
Then, Now and When? (Screen - Room divider)
Single Exhibitions:
14-16 January, Top Drawer, London
01-13 and 15-17 December, Osterly Craft Fair, London
25-26 November, Oggle Art Fair, Stoke Newington, London
11-12 November, Dulwich Craft Fair
14-15 October, Farnham Festival of Crafts
16 September, Eco Design Day, Trinity Buoy Wharf
10-12 September, Top Draw Autumn, London
15-16 July, Croydon Summer Festival: Children’s Puppet making Eco- Workshop
Group Exhibitions:
04-08 February, Birmingham Show

9 June - to date, Potassium Store, London
05-29 October, Dream Landings Exhibition, John Lewis Watford
21-26 September [RE]DESIGN 06 , Old Truman Brewery, London E1
31 March – 7 May, PM Gallery, Ealing, London
21-25 September 100% East :Re[design], Old Truman Brewery, London
10 September E-Fusion, Micro-zine, Islington, London
12 November – 23 December, Naturally Gifted, Mid Pennine Art Gallery, Burnley
Artist's Statement:
Artist’s Statement and Description of work by Bridget West “Some of the most interesting sculptures I have ever seen were the design of a beer can or a beautiful car; maybe it’s hard to separate this from the fine art aspect”. Through her company, Bridget ‘merges the practice of art, craft and design’ to create Household Functional Art. She individually crafts lost and forgotten textiles (beautiful vintage lace, wool, velvets and luxurious silks) into contemporary homeware. Imitating nature’s eco-systems she ultimately explores the notion of waste as a resource, of the discarded evolving into something both functional and precious once again, considering Consequence and the responsibility the creative process involves, she aims to encourage ethical consumption.These pieces are often multi-functional and have been instilled with sculptural qualities and embroidered with secret messages, not always obvious on the first encounter. This quality encourages a journey of interaction and discovery. Perhaps the more one interacts with a piece, the deeper one’s relationship with the object becomes. The objects are heavily influenced by the history woven and worn into each item of clothing they are constructed from as they are constructed from ‘pieces of you’ and you and you. This combined with her personal history and interpretation allows for new meaning and relationships to be established between the past and the present ultimately extending the objects life cycles, transforming the old into the new. Her new range includes block and digital prints onto organic hemp cotton canvas. These pieces explore labels and their profound influence over us. They take being a label snob to new and quirky level as she covers the pieces in them, questioning our contemporary label fixation and obsession.The appeal in this process is not only the merging of practice and philosophy: ethical with art, craft and design but also in the combination of antiquity and contemporary in terms of both the fabrics used and the histories. The way forward is to not simply to allow objects to be superseded through time but to change our whole attitude towards them, bringing a fundamental level of appreciation of them to an extent that they are kept and valued as timeless. “The Design of garbage should become the great public design of our age.” Mierke Ukeles
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