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Bill Hadfield Applied Art
My intention has always been to be a dedicated chairmaker and not to be side tracked into making other, possibly more profitable items, like tables. Starting in 1979 with basic stick chairs, then Windsor chairs, Shaker chairs and other traditional styles, and into the realm of sculptural chairs working with naturally weird and wonderful timber to create functional art, letting nature tell her story. Culminating in the extraordinary and beautiful hollow tree chairs. A few years ago The Osaka Folkcraft Museum put on an exhibition of Folkcraft that was to include work from all over the world. They requested me to make and send chairs as representative of English Chairmaking. Also over a four-year period I taught a Japanese youth the skills of making English Country Chairs. He now has a thriving business in Japan.I am most proud of more than 20 years chairmaking being my only source of income - not teaching or writing about chairmaking but earning a living from it.
Self Taught.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Although I have made chairs for titled and famous people I do not wish to publish names, as a matter of confidentiality.
Artist's Statement:
I have a strong desire to ensure people know the individuality, character and aesthetically pleasing effect which the human eye and hand can put into a piece of furniture. To quote from the founder of the Japan Folkcraft Movement Soetsu Yanagi:"No machine can compare with a man's hands. Machinery gives speed, power, complete uniformity and precision, but it cannot give creativity, adaptability, freedom, heterogeneity. Man prefers the creative and the free to the fixed and standardized."The undoubted joy in this work is being able to reveal what has already been created - the beauty of wood.
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