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Exp. Landscape No.1
Exp. Landscape No.2
Collage No.1
Prime Tool
Arms Collusion
Dunstan's Pendulum
Toanl Light
Arms Collusion
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Benjamin Dunstan Paintings
Canadian born and artisticaly inclined since 1976, Benjamin Dunstan is a self-trained artist of diversity. Delving into indirectly related subjects such as; physics, sociology and the natural sciences to spur other perspectives that enhance his creative pursuits and modes of expressions. Working partly as a writer and commercial artist assists in communicating the essence of life matched by the revelations revealed in his artworks as attempted in most other mediums. Currently developing his unique, meaningful style and continuing informal training, Benjamin fuses the contrasting influences of life in Germany and his Canadian upbringing. Originating specificaly from Vancouver Island, Canada Benjamin feels accustomed to nature and relating upon it everything else he wishes to convey in his arts practice. The move to Germany since 2002 and my experience on the east coast of Canada has really been the perfect companion with the island background on the west coast of Canada. The natural beauty of Vancouver, with its many landscapes, colours, textures and ever changing light, is surely an inspiration to artists, no matter what they've chosen as their theme or medium. Vancouver Island hosts a strong arts community that forges ahead a vibrant area for creativity which sparked many new and innovative ideas. It is no wonder that Benjamin has sprouted such natural processes and forms in his art transcended only to accompany his newer experiences in ancient cultures and societies. Although prefering larger cities as he has been living there most of his adult life, its part of the process to accomodate a global view. Its a natural progression in his personal developement to evole in this fashion and return occasionally to his roots. "Home is a place I always return to to formulate my story and remember in a harmonious way.
Various International Publications.
Selected Commissions/collections:
The majority of commissions are my work in murals, both private and corporate large scale pieces. The duration for such large pieces takes about one month (30' x 30'), depending on the detail and work space.
Single Exhibitions:
Atmoshphere Gallery - Vancouver, British Columbia 2002 featured paintings.
Group Exhibitions:
Gallery 24 - Berlin, Germany 2005 featured paintings.

West End Centre - Vancouver, British Columbia 2003 featured paintings.

Vancouver Lib Gallery - Vancouver, British Columbia 2003 featured paintings.

Progression M-M Gallery - Vancouver, British Columbia 2001 featured paintings.

Art Gallery of Northumberland - Cobourg, Ontario 1997 featured drawings.
Artist's Statement:
This growing and progressive concept is practced through collaboration and contracts with organizations, individual artists and working with art consultants, galleries and commercial public-based businesses nurture our creative culture. Pomfenn Works presents an art forum that collaborates and fosters partnerships which help carry out some of our international projects. These include Fine arts, In/outdoor sculpture and Public arts, Interdisciplinary works, Exhibitions and New artistic practices. Dealing in mediums such as architecture, landscape, design, curation, creative writing, and research diversifies a collective of unique and very talented individuals that work together on global platforms with goals to create an artistic statement. The statement being: "A change in noticing the way we change, building bridges for the mind".
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