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Bursting Out
Etruscan Couple
First Goddess
Flying couple
Large Embrace
Mother & Child
Racer Man
Small Embrace
Sun & Moon
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Beatrice Hoffman Sculptures
Of German / Jewish origins, in this country since 1984.
l studied in Norwich for a BA sculpture Fine Art degree (1989), and in St. Albans for a post-graduate degree in art therapy (1990). I have undertaken numerous private commissions and one public commission for Norwich City Council (1991).
Selected Commissions/collections:
1989 commission by Norwich city council.
Single Exhibitions:
Previous Single shows:
• Gissing Hall Gallery in Suffolk (1999)
• Gallery Jeanne , Munich, Germany (2000)
• The Old Workshop Gallery in North Norfolk (2001)
• Blender Gallery, Banbury (2003)
• Buckenham Gallery , Southwold, 2005
• Gallery Hesseltime, Middleton Cheney, 2006
Group Exhibitions:
• “Bircham Contemporary Arts”, North Norfolk (1992)
• “Richford Gallery”, North Norfolk (1999)
• “Woodstock Gallery”, Woodstock near Oxford (2001)
• “Barn Galleries” Henley-on-Thames, June 2002
• Henley Arts Festival, 2002
• Affordable Art Fair, Bristol and London, 2001/02/03/04/05/06
• “Works on Paper”, art fair, London, 2002/03
• Gallerie Hoopman, Amsterdam (2003)
• Julia Boston Antiques and Gallery, King street, London (2003)
• Merriscourt gallery, near Chipping Norton
• Rivers gallery , Gloucestershire
• The Red Gallery, Thame (2004-5)
• Sculptastix, London (2004-5)
• Karen Taylor Gallery, London, (2005)
• Pond Gallery , London Clapham –Common 2004-5)
• Modern Artist Gallery Pangborne Berkshire (2005)
• 3-D gallery, Bristol, 2003-6

Inspire in Oxford 2002-3, 2004-5

IceTwice, Buckinghamshire (2006)

Anderson Gallery in Burford/Oxfordshire 2005

Buckenham Gallery in Southwold/Suffolk 2001-2, 2004-5

Gallery Primrose , Northampton (2006)

ArtParks in Guernsey web 2005

Gallery Number Nine , Birmingham, 2005

Gallery Artifix, Sutton Colefield 2005

Gallery Wonderwall, Cirencester, Gloucestershire , 2005
Artist's Statement:
Beatrice Hoffman is a figurative sculptor working in bronze or bronze-resin. She casts small figures and large heads and her style is expressive, distorting the human figure, or the head to convey an emotion, or human experience.There are both single and 'multiple heads'. The latter make more use of inventiveness in order to fit two or more, part- or whole faces into one sculpture, while still appearing as one cohesive whole, held together by curves, caves, and arches. The emphasis is on relationships and inter-actions, either between individuals, or more likely, within one individual. Different views of the sculpture reveal different, sometimes unexpected aspects of the same head. A collection of small bronze (-resin) figures express various states of being, or feelings: dancing, or tense and expectant, or restful and contained. Sometimes they are light-hearted, or humorous; they often give a solid, earthy impression. There are sculptures of both single figures, and couples; the latter focus on the relationship between man and woman in an unsentimental and non-provocative way. Their expression ranges from the purely observational to emotions like desire, protectiveness, being fulfilled or at ease with each other. Like her larger work, the figures attempt to convey an archetypal experience, and aspire to simplify the human figure, in order to reveal the essence of a state of being, or of a movement
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