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Iz Ognia
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Aux Manir is Slobodan Sajin, who lives in Serbia.
Self Taught.
Artist's Statement:
A path to veStibule of an Image AUX MANIR delibeRative cherish as adoration and fanatIcal devotion of pretense.Everything that seeMs thron oUt of Art here is, by Lucid intrigues, exalted up to idolatry of presentAtive, inside Zonal border.In that manner an image is not anymore THAT image with itselfs historicism, but is alays already hitched to a recyCling of its own pRoductivity.Through Placing image in its own comparasion of dUality mirrors, AuxManir deMonstrates that talks of images are possible with images themselves, not touching images curtain, not by paint - but through collecting relics of its vanity.Discover of CLAY TILE incarnated new activity pointed to arrogation of images from collective memory of THE PRESENT.Accumulated artificial forms are pulled in labyrinth from which the way out is to establish art trash brand - AuxManir
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