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Agersboel - Manor House
Ant Chair
Aros Art Museum
Baby Power
Banff Spring Hotel
Blue Roo Australia
Bridging? - Golden Gay - San Francisco
British Columbia West Coast
Canada Maple Leaves
Canada Toronto Skyline
Carpe Diem
Christiansborg Palace Blue
Christiansborg Palace Green
Christiansborg Palace Grey
Christiansborg Palace Red
Christiansborg Palace White
Christiansborg Palace Yellow
Colorful Simplicity I
Colusseum Vespasian
Essence of Christianity - You raise me up
Francis of Asissi
Grand Canyon
Heritage 1575 - Tirsbaek Castle
Hommage a Michelangelo
International Day of the World's Indigenous People
Italian Soul
Jesus Christ by Harold Bluetooth
Manhattan Mirror
Mt Everest
Musée du Louvre
National Bank
Paestum Italy
Perception One of Two
Perception Two of Two
Piazza San Marco - Venezia Italia
Pig Faced Butterfly Fish
Plaza del Toros
Pudong Shanghai
Queen Charlotte Sound Sunset
Say Cheese
South Jutland Historism - 7 North Street
South Jutlandic Historism
Thumbelina's Butterfly - Hans Christian A
United States of America I
United States of America III
Via Sacra - Forum Romanum, Roma, Italia
Victorian House
Great Master Toulouse-Lautrec
Sad Days Indeed
Colorful Simplicity II
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Asbjorn Lonvig Paintings
"Probably the best colorful simplicity artist in the world". Granted the World of Art Award 2006. Asbjorn Lonvig art works are available as: Painting, acrylic on canvas, Serigraph, Poster, Graphic Design, Print on your computer.
Granted the World of Art Award 2006.
The World of Art Award (WAA) is granted to artists, galleries and museums that are pursuing "best practices" in art and culture.
This competition seeks to attract artists, galleries, museums who are redefining standards of art excellence challenging existing trends and tendencies in art and culture.
Single Exhibitions:
Current shows around the world:
Tokyo, Japan
Manila, Philippines
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Noosa, Queensland, Australia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Langley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
New York, USA (KiptonArt)
New York, USA (Manhattan Arts International)
New York, USA (YourArt)
New York, USA (ArtTrack)
Washington DC, USA
Emeryville, San Francisco, California, USA
Lomita, Los Angeles, California, USA
Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA
Silicon Vally, California, USA
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, USA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Dallas, Texas, USA
Boulder, Denver, Colorado, USA
Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
London, UK
Bristol, UK
Horncliffe, Northumberland, UK
Coton, Cambridge, UK
Peppard, Henley, UK
Rumelange, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Cugand, Pays de la Loire, France
Paris - Rueil-Malmaison, France (L'Art Pour Tous)
Paris - Vauhallan, France (Artabus)
Paris, France (Listoo ArtExpo)
Paris, France (ArtsCad)
Paris, France (AllArtOnline)
Paris, France (Avenue des Peintres)
Paris, France (Drouot Cotation des Artistes - Larousse)
Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or, Le Grand Lyon, France
Madrid, Spain
Rome, Italy
Milan, Italy
Florence, Italy - Florence Biennale - Contemporary Artists
Piacenza, Italy
Orsago, Italy
Monterosso Calabro, Italy
Aschheim, Germany
Jerusalem, Israel
Bratislava, Slovakia
Stockholm - Danderyd, Sweden
Uppsala, Sweden
Fredensborg, Denmark
Hedensted, Denmark
Group Exhibitions:
Javits, New York
Chicago Atheneaum, Chicago
Il Vitoriano, Rome
Artist's Statement:
Colorful Simplicity in Art as in Life.
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