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Dragon Babylon
Pink Dog And The Time
The Second Drop of Rain
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Yasen Ivanchev Biography
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1993 – 1999 National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, BulgariaMaster of Fine Arts degreeField of Specialization: Mural Painting1985 – 1990 National School of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
Selected Commissions/collections:
 Mural Painting Projects:
2008 - Private house, Sefakoy, Turkey
2008 - Camondo Building, Istanbul, Turkey
2008 - “Art Cafe-Altera”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007 - Tugra Restaurant, Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski, Istanbul, Turkey
2006 - Apartment, Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski, Istanbul, Turkey
2006 - Private House, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005 - “Rizo” Building, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 - Riad Dar Molay Boubker, Marrakech, Morocco
2002 - Private House, “Upper Street,” New York, USA
2002 - “Carlo” Boutique, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 - “Vagabond” Restaurant, Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 - Private apartment, Paris, France
2000 - “Poison’s” Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
1998 - “Anchor” Restaurant, Resort of Pomorie, Bulgaria
Single Exhibitions:
2009 - X-Power Gallery, Beverley Hills, U.S.A. (group)
2008 - 25 years Anniversary of “Aandachtcentrum”, Hague, The Netherlands (group)
2005 - “Aandachtcentrum”, Hague, The Netherlands (solo);
2004 - Town Hall, Capelle aan Den Ijssel, The Netherlands (group);
- “De Drie Maenen”, Ouderkerk aan Den Ijssel, The Netherlands (duo);
- Oude Kerk, Dordrecht, The Netherlands (duo);
2003 - “Aandachtcentrum”, Hague, The Netherlands (solo);
2001 - “M&A” Contemporary Art Gallery, Hague, The Netherlands (solo);
- “Pokrov” Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria (solo);
2000 - “St. Luca” National Academy, 2000-th year Anniversary aquarelle exhibition, Rome, Italy (group);
1990-1999 - Participation in the representative drawing exhibition of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, and other Academic exhibitions and activities;
1992 - Russian Club, Sofia, Bulgaria (duo);
Artist's Statement:
My paintings…are a deep dive. They are not just tasty bits for the eye, but difficult to digest meals, flavoured with my favorite spices- medieval aesthetics, eastern art and street culture.