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Cocoon Emergence
dul saartid, 2014
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Yadi Biography
Nadine Yadi Royster
Self Instructed Artist - Working as a professional artist for over 15 years.
2000 - Award of Excellence, Skokie Art Festival
2007 - Best of Winner, Kennedy Publishing
Selected Commissions/collections:
2007 Andersonville Galleria Mosaic, 3' x 19'Facade Arch and Entryway Floor, Chicago, IL
2007 - Mosaic Peace/Freedom Sundial Sculpture - Town of Winona Lake, IN, USA
2007 4' x 6' Cheese Mosaic, International Association of Culinary Professionals, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
2006 Cement Putty Art Wall, Pacheco Properties, Evanston, IL
2006 Mosaic Art Floor, O’Brien Residence, Evanston, IL
2005 12 Individual Mosaic Shoe Sculptures, Alise's Shoes, Hyde Park, IL
2005 North Point Construction Services, Chicago, IL – AG Retail, 48 E. Walton, Retail Store, Contracted to create Cement Designer Floor
2005 Mosaic Kitchen Floor and Bathroom, Pacheco Properties, Evanston, IL
2005 Mosaic Bathroom Floor & Counter Top, Wynn Resident, Evanston, IL
2004 12 ft Circular Mosaic Tile Floor, L.E.A.R.N. Charter School, Chicago, IL
Single Exhibitions:
2007 Solo Exhibit, Rue Gallery, Chicago, IL
Group Exhibitions:
2008 Noyes Cultural Art Center January-March 2008
Artist's Statement:
As a self instructed artist, I approach each new challenge with apprehension and excitement. Only then do I know that something wonderful is on the horizon. As a professional artist for over 15 years, I have sold hundred’s of paintings and sculpture. My work has been commission by commercial and residential clients throughout the US. I have exhibited in numerous galleries, tradeshows and fairs in the US and Canada. Challenging the elements of color, texture and materials is the driving force of my work. An intrigues behavior consumes as I work to blend the unusual and dare to combine elements – that by all logic shouldn’t be. There is something about the statement, ‘You can’t’ that drives me to prove otherwise. Why can’t I mix the hard mosaic properties with the softness of the canvas? Why can’t I use cement to compose and color a picture; as if it were paint on canvas? My art is the one place in my life where ‘Can’t’ is not an option.I take risk in my work by means of bold bright colors. Am I trying to make a statement? Perhaps! But the message I am attempting to send is that it is okay to surround your world with sunshine. If you love color - than allow yourself the excitement of that expression.