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Wolfgang Krause Biography
Wolfgang Krause is living in Paris for the last 20 years. He is enjoying painting in an abstract style, trying to translate contemplation and meditation into painting.
Studied art in the studio of the hungarian painter CSATO in Paris from 1982 to 1984, and with Terry Nilsen-Love in 1986 in Stavanger (Norway).
Gold medal of the french republic in Versailles in 2003.
Abstractexposure Merit Award - January 2008
Selected Commissions/collections:
One of his paintings entered the collection of the Grande Arche in Paris.

Single Exhibitions:
Galerie Amarante in Tours (France) in 1996 and 1998
Galerie Buestel in Paris in 2000
Gallery of the poets society of France in Paris -october 2002
Galerie de Sidhe - Côte d'Azur in september 2003
Galerie Gavart - Paris 8e - july 2004
Galerie Thuillier - Paris 4e - april 2007
Group Exhibitions:
Faste Galleri in Stavanger (Norway)in 1988
Novotel in Noisy-le-Grand - France in 1999
Triennale de Paris -Grande Arche Paris - 2002
Salon des Artistes Français - 2003
Matra Museum - Romorantin - 2003
Salon National des Beaux-Arts - Carroussel du Louvre - Paris - december 2003
Atos Gallery - Los Angeles - California - USA- march 2004
French Ministry of Economics - Paris-Bercy - february 2006
Galerie Harmis - Paris - 1 july to 31 august 2006.
One of his paintings has been selected to participate in the event "Mise en scene - the interior of an art collector's home" at the Hotel de Drouot and the Sparts gallery in Paris in october 2006.
He participated in "Contemporary art and far east spirituality" at Metanoia gallery in Paris and Hotel de Drouot in september 2007.
Artist's Statement:
M. Benard, poet and prize-winner of the Academie Française wrote : "The pictorial world of Wolfgang Krause is leaning to expressionism, but this world also opens to timeless spaces, to meditation and contemplation. Nature's disproportion nourishes his work but Wolfgang Krause's work restores a divine measure and a need for harmony."