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Beauty Box 25
Girl in Room with View 2
Girl on a Sofa 2
Girl with Light 9
Model in Nightdress
Model in White Room
Picture City 11
Picture City 6
Picture City 7
Portrait of a Model
Urban Scene
Picture City 1
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Thore Kienscherf Biography
The Art of Thore KienscherfThe pictures of models display my perception on the sensuality of advertising images and fashion photography. In my pictures the model-women are dissociated from the advertised products and become the motifs of independent pictures. I do not critizise the ideal of beauty propagated by the media. What I do is trying to understand and express what this ideal is constituted of, this ideal which is about outward qualities but obviously seems to mean more than that.Since I live in Berlin, it is also temptative for me to picture adequate scenes of this city in my paintings. Both themes, models and the city, are combined by displaying the women on huge posters, attached to the buildings.My way of painting has changed from a smooth style with emphasis on details towards a paste-like and freer way. Consequently the paint is applied with a spattle, so I avoid getting lost in too many details and can give more alternatives of interpretation to the eyes of the viewers.
I was born 1974 in Hamburg, grew up at Lake Constance and live in Berlin since 1995. In 2001 I started painting with oil colors learning by myself, and have presented my artwork in various exhibitions in Germany and other European countries.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Künstlerwerkstatt, Berlin, 2005
Gallery "meisterschueler", Berlin, since 2006
Duran Auctions, Madrid, since 2006
Single Exhibitions:
"Bildschönheiten", Holiday-Inn "Zur Erholung", Krumstedt

"Beauty Box", Gallery Kraftwerk, Berlin
"Model Art", Weingalerie Berlin

"Model Art 2", Weingalerie Berlin

Cafe Cabinett, Berlin
"Die Stadt traegt Plakat", Gallery Subject Object, Berlin
Group Exhibitions:
Kunstmesse Salzburg, Austria, 2003

2. Open Air Gallery, Berlin
"Pub Pictures", Kunstverein Kraftwerk, Berlin
"Introduction of Contemporary Artists", Konzil Konztanz
"Streets of Berlin", Kunstverein Kraftwerk, Berlin
"Querschnitt 17", Bethanien, Berlin
"100 times 100", Kunstverein Kraftwerk, Berlin

"Introduction of Contemporary Artists", Pavillon Josephine, Strasbourg
"Body and Soul", Kunstverein Kraftwerk, Berlin
3. Open Air Gallery, Berlin
"Angels", Deggendorf
"Querschnitt 18", Bethanien, Berlin
"flashback 2005", Kunstverein Kraftwerk, Berlin
"KLEINFORMATE", Kunstforum-International, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland

"Fragile Beauty", Primopiano Gallery, Lecce, Italy
4. Open Air Gallery, Berlin
Querschnitt 19, Bethanien, Berlin
"Faces", Kapuzinerstadl, Deggendorf

48 Hours Neukoelln Festival, Berlin
5. Open Air Gallery, Berlin
Art Essenz No.9, Sony-Center, Berlin
HanseArt, Huehnerposten, Hamburg
Querschnitt 20, Bethanien, Berlin

Womens Portraits, Weingalerie, Berlin
Galerie Kalina, Regen

Womens Portraits, Weingalerie, Berlin
Open Air Gallery, Berlin
Galeria Calle Minelli, Venice
Artist's Statement: