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29m05, diptych
Petroleum (diptych)
Shadows of Empire
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Svetlana Tumanova Biography
Svetlana Tumanova has come a long way from the figurative to her own version of abstract surrealism. The painter don't sees the gap between abstraction and representation. Her art style is a specific fusion of surrealism and abstraction based on intuitive immersion in the archetypal level of unconscious as well as on sharp feeling of contemporaneity. Painting means for Svetlana Tumanova a risky journey into abyss of Chaos to find germs of Cosmos. A.Berg, critic and journalist, so describes creative method of the painter: "Svetlana Tumanova is stranger to phantasmagoria and grotesque just as like illustrativeness and narrativeness. ... Her paintings are poorly deconstructable, because the painter does not cite any cultural or ethnographic fragments and works directly with the roots, from which, probably, sprouts the language. ... It is possible to say, that the masterpiece self-dictates the time and conditions of its creation, it have to "permit" the painter to create it. The execution of such paintings requires marginal self-concentration. ... The all spirit's strength concentration is necessary for standing essential intuitional exertion and holding under the control all the components of painting during the whole time of working at the picture. It is like magnetic field power over the incandesced plasma, constantly eager to burst from the trap and disseminate in the space. ... The common mistake in interpreting of Tumanova’s figurative works is enrolling them into the list of symbolic once. She resorts very rare to the deliberate using of symbols and in minor details only. Remarkable is that symbolic aspects arise in these works spontaneously and constitute completely an organic part. They are so unique and naturally dissolved in the composition that they would never strike your eye. Their presence is sensible but may be discovered only analytically."
Graduated from the Academy of Arts of the Belorussia
Artist's Statement: