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Lamorran Seat
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Simon Birtall Biography
I paint in an Impressionistic technique on canvas, building up colour in multiple layers to create vibrant optical mixes. I favour scenes with striking contrasts of light and shadow. I work largely in acrylics or, where time permits, in oils.
I studied Illustration at Falmouth School of Art (University College Falmouth) after completing an Art and Design foundation courses at Wirral Metropolitan College.
Selected Commissions/collections:
I have received commissions from clients including NatWest Bank, BBC Worldwide, Random House, Hallmark, Williams Sonoma and Carlton Cards. My work has featured on advertisements, packaging, book covers, greeting cards and more. I produce portrait and landscape commissions for private clients.
Single Exhibitions:
Domino Gallery Liverpool 1996
Liverpool Academy of Arts 2003
Group Exhibitions:
Mid Cornwall Galleries 1999
Liverpool Academy of Arts 2000-2006
Williamson Art Gallery Birkenhead 2002
Ocean Contemporary Falmouth 2002-2005
Mall Galleries London 2003
Art Studio Liverpool 2005-2006
Emanuel Gallery, St Ives 2006-2008
Wirral Open, Williamson Art Gallery 2006
Wirral Society of Arts 2007
Sefton Open, Atkinson Art Gallery 2007
Wirral Open, Williamson Art Gallery 2008
Artist's Statement:
The majority of my landscape paintings are scenes of Cornwall, where I lived for 12 years. I am particularly fond of the Cornish coastline and its quality of light. I am happy to consider commissions as well as selling original artwork. I take a pride in all my work.