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Autumn dialogue I
Autumn dialogue II
Sea story I
Sea Story II
Sea Story III
World music I
World music II
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Silva Bachvarova Biography
1953 - Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria
1973 - Graduate High School of Fine Arts, Sofia1980 - Graduate of Scenography at The National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. Master degree of Stage design.1985 - Specialisation "The visual theatre", Institute International de la Marionnette in Charleville - Mezieres, France.
The Golden Dolphin Award for scenography, Varna, Bulgaria – 1984, 1999,2002
The Pierrot award for scenography, Bulgaria – 2000,2001
Awards from the National Reviews of Puppetry, Bulgaria
For scenography from The International Festival of The Puppet Theatres, Praha, Czech Republic – 1998, 2000, 2002
For scenography from The International Festival of The Puppet Theatres, Subotitza, Serbia - 2001
The Special Award from The Cartoon Exhibition, Skopje, Macedonia – 1984
The grand award “Teatron” for scenography - 1993
Selected Commissions/collections:
Author of the scenography of over 100 puppet productions in Bulgaria and abroad.
70 illustrated books, posters and cartoons.
Since 1999 - Professor of painting in the Academy of Fine arts, Sofia.
Single Exhibitions:
20 personal exhibitions of painting: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Sliven, Haskovo /Bulgaria/,
Praha/ Czech republic/, Zagreb /Croatia/, Magdeburg /Germany/, Gjumlik, Honefoss, Lillehammer /Norway/, Tolosa, Alicante /Spain/
Group Exhibitions:
40 participations in International Exhibitions in Europe, USA, Cuba, Japan etc.
Artist's Statement:
I use painting as a medium to translate impressions, emotions and memories into a visual format. The big significance in my work is my love to museum quality artworks especially the decorative arts from around the world and the art history. By manipulating formal and symbolic elements, the artwork becomes a magical layering of antiquity and modernism that transcends time.The techniques involved are based on superimposition of several layers of painting. About acrylic/oils - the raised areas are got from the basic layer with acrylic colours, the next paint layer is only with oil colours. I strive for images with an aura of antiquity. I use a original own technique for my paintings which I found out and reached after many work and experiments. This is complicated multilayer method however almost nothing isn`t planned. I think all the unexpected results are a provocation for my imagination. I`m confident of the infinite possibilities and resources of this neglected expressive medium. In collage I was able to combine acrylics, embossing and drawing through my own mixed technique, after perennial experiments. In this light are my new paintings, alongside my work with acrylic and oil.