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94B Fontanka
benjamin Zander
Flight path
Horse on the bRidge
master and friends
Prancing pony
the Princess
The Protest
The Socialist Principles
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Shelagh Atkinson Biography
She was born in the late 1950's early studies with SocialPsychology later studies Communication at Napier in Edinburgh She is an artist maker and her work is exhibited and collected nationally and internationally Her subjects have included the famous,the outspoken - people with things to say in her ongoing collection of screenprints About Face. Turning her gaze towards landscape and that of StPetersburg Russia seeking a sense of place and identity with new screenprints . beast have now appeared as screenprints and drawings domestic mostly.
1 Studied Communication at Napier university Edinburgh 2 Completed various business workshops 3 Summer schools in drawing and painting with Margaret Hunter/Lys Hansen 4 Being Human drawing programme at Leith School of Art Two years study 5 Studio based Edinburgh private research projects/commissioned work/printmaking development
1994 Government Sponsored award small business practice
1998 British Council Berlin project Footsteps
1998 Lothian Business Award overseas exhibition
1999 Peacock Editioning Prize Aberdeen Artists Show
2003 Scottish National Portrait Gallery purchase permanent print collection[x2]
2006 NewHall College Cambridge art collection[x2]
2008 Scottish National Museum print purchase permanent collection
2009 Richard Demarco Prize Peoples Artshow Edinburgh International Festival
2009 RBS ART collection London Headquarters
Selected Commissions/collections:
Chapman Publications Book Cover design
Circle the City Community Art Edinburgh Lothian funded
CD cover design [weedram records]
6 fold text booklets[Fruitmarket gallery bookshop Edinburgh, Scottish Poetry Library Edinburgh collection 2010
Hermitage movie StPetersburg posted [new site] and 19 other short films about journey.
2012 WORK in progress an app.In absentia for IPAD AND Android facility.
Single Exhibitions:
1992 Building relations Building reflections Netherbow Arts Edinburgh
1995 Headfull of Mince, of mince and men Glasgay Glasgow
1996 The Landscape Mix Dunedin Gallery Edinburgh
1999 About Face[with Mark Ianson] Reynolds Gallery Edinburgh
2002 Places and Faces McHardys Framing and Art Borders Scotland
2007 Radical Book Fair Out of the Blue Drill Hall art space Edinburgh
2008 The Walls Paper Glass&Thomson Edinburgh
2010 A Walk along the Fontanka Scottish Russian Forum Edinburgh
Group Exhibitions:
1995 Laing landscape Talbot Rice Edinburgh
1996 Aloissenefelder 200th anniversary Show Ednburgh Print Workshop
1996 10 year WASPS anniversary Show Edinburgh
1997 StreetLevel Open photography Glasgow
1998 Vital Art Atlantis Gallery London
1998 Footsteps Brandenburg Berlin
2000 National Print Exhibition Mall gallery London
2001 Kanagawa PrintTriennial Yokohama Japan
2003 Fineart of printmaking the Borders [touring]
2004 Lessedra Contemporary Womens Printmaking Sofia Bulgaria
2005 Arc Gallery Chicago USA
2006 Thoroughly Modern Women Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh
2007 Anonymous Drawings Blutenweiss Berlin
2007/11 exhibited annually with Lessedra Contemporary Art Sofia Bulgaria
2008/12 Exhibited annually with societies
RoyalGlasgow Institute of fineart, Visual Arts Scotland, Scottish Society of artists and Aberdeen Artists Society.
2011 NSA PRINT Exhibition Penzance Cornwall England
2011 3rd Guanlan International Print Biennial China
2011 STANZA Poetry Festival St Andrews Scotland
2012 Yunnan International Print Exhibition China
Artist's Statement:
Photography and relevance in the artist's life.It has served the imagination using the camera as a tool of creative expression.Atkinsons engagement with photography spans half her life -- her curiosity and sense of awe, the camera as companion to Atkinsons artistic process and experience of the physical world with an open curiosity about the end result.She photographs the surfaces of roads, the cracks in pavements, attention to the minutiae, the trees, the canopies, the physical shapes in our environment.She has a strong sense of pattern encapsulating Atkinsons relationship with landscape. The moving images of the journeys by car, by train, on foot shows a long standing empathy with the environment.Each of them, the isolated fragments can become totems.For Atkinson the camera is a straightforward useful tool recording details of people and things she finds in the world.It enables her to capitalize on other procedures she is drawn to; re-examining her works in progress screenprinting,drawing and painting, capturing the tricks of vision and juxtaposing diverse images.NEW INFO 2012 I am tweeting @shelaghatkinson