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Sebastian M. H. Trienens Biography
I have been working in clay for nearly fourteen years. When I first ran into the material I fell for it. I have shown in galleries all over the United States and my work is represented in many private collections. Over the years my work has moved from making pottery on the wheel to making larger and larger pieces, pushing the limits of the medium I work in. My latest works, installed in a new atrium space at the South Nassau Communities Hospital, stood nearly 10 feet tall. As is revealed in the commissions section below, I am always interested in discussing new projects with prospective clients and am also interested in translating my work into other materials such as stone or bronze. Thank you for your time. Sebastian
The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA.- BFA Sculpture
-Recipient of the First Place Sculpture Award, Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Annual; Philadelphia, PA 2003
-Represented in Toki Collection; Berkeley, CA 2002
-Recipient of the Alpha award, California Clay Competition; Davis, CA 2001
-Pictures of work published in Making it in Clay; by John Toki and Charlotte Speight 2001
Selected Commissions/collections:
-Represented in the collection of South Nassau Communities Hospital- commissioned works; Nassau, NY 2007
-Represented in the collection of Hardy von Auenmueller- commissioned work; Philadelphia, 2005
-Represented in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Tognini-commissioned work; Philadelphia, PA 2005
-Represented in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Soldo-commissioned work; Philadelphia, PA 2004
-Represented in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Faber-commissioned work; Mill Valley, CA 2004
-Represented in the collection of Mr. Van der Linden-commissioned work; Stamford CT 2003
-Represented in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Sacks-commissioned work; Philadelphia, PA 2003
Single Exhibitions:
-Show of Hands Gallery, solo show: Philadelphia, PA, annualy 2003-2006
-Toki Gallery, solo show; Berkeley, CA 2000
-Hazen Art Gallery, solo show; Kent, WA 1996
Group Exhibitions:
-Troupe Gallery, Invitational show; Lancaster, PA 2005
-Rockland Center for the Arts, juried outdoor sculpture show; West Nyack, NY 2003
-Gallery in the Garden, invitational show of contemporary sculpture; Hawk Mountain, PA 2003
-Mountain Art Show, juried competition; Bernardsville, NJ 2002
-The Artery, California Clay Competition, juried group show; Davis, CA 2001
-Shadelands Arts Center, invitational group show; Walnut Creek, CA 2001
-The Evergreen State College, group show; Olympia, WA 1996
Artist's Statement:
I am drawn to the language of form. To me it captures the essence of the dialogue between culture and nature. I find that the objects I am most attracted to are restrained in explaining themselves, carrying within them an essential mystery. I believe the power of these objects is rooted in their balance: defying nature while simultaneously deferring to it. It is this balance which I strive for in my work.