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Dragon head
Morning glory
Celtic sun
Dragon flower
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Paul Holbrecht Biography
Born 02/06/1964 at Dendermonde (East-Flanders), Belgium. Since 1989 living at Zottegem. From childhood on I was fascinated by all sorts of creative activity, nature, adventures, everything but sitting on a schoolbench all day. I started drawing more than the average kid, made some early sculpting and woodcarving, mostly with my pocket-knife, and some of my dad's tools. As a teenager, it was obvious that a 'school career' was nothing for me, so I followed my instinct, became a little rebellious, went more and more to the publicity, decorating and illustrating practical art. After years of seeking the 'ideal media', I picked up some stone-sculpting techniques, and the past years I'm concentrating on making original, one of a kind sculptures.
1979-1981: Publicity-drawing,decorating class at R.I.T.O.-Aalst. 1981-1982: Publicity, lettering and illustration at Coloma-Institute-Mechelen. 1982-1984: Publicity, decoration-painting at S.I.S.A.-Antwerpen. 2002-2003-2004: Selfeducation sculpting + 'Stonemason-stonedressing' techniques course at "Beeldhouwerscollectief"-Gent.
Single Exhibitions:
Permanent gallery at home.
Artist's Statement:
'Art completes what 'Mother Nature' left unfinished.