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The Summer Goddess
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Minos Biography
The versatility of stone as a material, the rich artistic heritage of the Middle East, and the artistic orientation and knowledge of the company's founders, come together in a combination that forms the conceptual basis of the company's activity.The company employs some 80 Israelis, Palestinians and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia in 4 different studios, and its main activity is directed towards the development and manufacture of exclusive, artistic stone products for use in public buildings, shopping centers, factories and private homes. The company has been exporting its products worldwide for some ten years. The need to use materials that will meet required standards on the one hand, and the need to preserve the authenticity and unique character of the product on the other, necessitate sophisticated technical and technological solutions.The company is assisted in this regard by experts in geology, art, design, archaeology and history in order to manufacture products that can meet the rigors of the 21st century, yet retain their link to the beauty and uniqueness that stem from more ancient sources. The style of our products is influenced by local Middle Eastern history, the imagination and creativity of the company's founder and managing director and the unique skills of its employees, most of whom possess professional artistic training.
Professional artistic training.
Artist's Statement:
Through learning and researching the techniques and the symbols that our forefathers used, produce today the kinds of mosaic that are based on those same artistic motifs of olden times. Each peace of our mosaics is handmaded using our varied colors and shades of stones. All of that opens a world of possibilities and excitement.