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The cartoneros wife
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Michel Suret-Canale Biography
MICHEL SURET-CANALE is an artist and painter who lives and works in France. He holds a doctorate of Art and Sciences of Art from the Sorbonne University of Paris. He has been teaching in Sorbonne andelsewhere as Master of conference in new information and communication technologies as wellas in Experimental Research about computer art.
The youngest child of Professor Jean Suret-Canale (a widely publishedauthor of African history) and feminist journalist, novelist and published poetGeorgette Suret-Canale, Michel began his studies in mathematics, but by the age of 14decided to enroll in a school art course. Following in the footsteps of hisgrandparents Victor (engraver and medal designer) and Th?r?se Suret-Canale (a painter educated first in Germany and then at the Acadamie Julian in Paris),Michel inherited his grandparents' artistic talent along with a lifelong belief in democracy, freedom and equality that was instilled in him by his parents.
Since 1977 Michel has had more than 35 exhibitions and is now an established
artist in Europe whose work is displayed in several public collections in the
Museum of Niort. In addition, his artworks are part of over 600 private
collections from over 17 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Australia
and North America. In addition to his work as an artist Michel has written books about
art, worked in multimedia and Web design and designed costumes and scenes for
French theatrical clowns.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Michel has been invited to appear on the French National television several
times (FR3, TF1) and also on several national radio broadcasts (France Inter,
RMC etc...). Articles about M. Suret-Canale have appeared in publications
throughout both the USA and France, including Business 2.0, Oyster Boy Review,
l'Express, le Journal du Dimanche, le Monde and Lib?ration. In addition there
have been reviews of philosophy (Le passant ordinaire), of aesthetics
(Esthetique cahiers) and computers (SVM, SVM Mac, Univers Mac). He has also
been written about in many local newspapers, including Le Courrier d e l'Ouest
and La Nouvelle Republique.
Single Exhibitions:
Expositions - Performances

1978 Expositions collectives : Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Salon Figuration Critique, Paris.

1981 Exposition personnelle, Soci?t? G?n?rale, Niort.
1982 Exposition personnelle Interpr?tation des Ma?tres, Librairie Moderne, Niort.

1983 Exposition personnelle, Banque Populaire, Niort.
Exposition collective, Gijon (Espagne).

1985 Exposition personnelle, galerie Tallal , Casablanca (Maroc).
Exposition personnelle, MAIF, Niort.

1986 Exposition personnelle Soleil, Niort.

1987 Exposition personnelle, Portsmouth (Grande-Bretagne).

Exposition collective, Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Paris.
Exposition collective L'art a besoin de toit, La Rochelle.
Performance La missive du troisi?me jour, Moscou.

1988 Exposition/pr?sentation chez Philippe Lefebvre, Niort.
Exposition collective, La Galerie d'Art , Orly.
Exposition personnelle Les Portes du Paradis Terrestre, Sc?ne nationale
Moulin du Roc , Niort.

1989 Exposition Ma?tres abstraits et jeunes peintres confirm?s, galerie Michel Haineaux , Niort.

1991 Exposition personnelle, galerie V. S. Canale , Paris 1er.

1992 Exposition et Performance Mim?sis, Moscou, 21 et 22 janvier.
Exposition personnelle de peintures robotiques, galerie Catherine Eghner , Paris 11e, novembre.
Le Banquet T?l?matique dans le cadre de l'Exposition Machines ? communiquer,
Paris, Cit? des Sciences et de l'Industrie de la Villette, Atelier Art R?seaux, octobre 1991 ? juillet 1992.

1994 Participation, avec le groupe Art R?seaux, aux deuxi?mes Rencontres Internationales Art/Cin?ma/Vid?o/Ordinateur,
Vid?oth?que de Paris, mars.
Exposition collective Images pour vivre (coordination Michel Journiac), Centre Saint-Charles, Paris 15e, mai.

1995 Exposition Images pour vivre, avec Michel Journiac, Galerie J et J Donguy , Paris 11e, juin.

1996 Exposition personnelle de peintures robotiques galerie IESA , Paris 5e, f?vrier.
Exposition Soft qui peut, Futuroscope, avril.
Exposition collective (coordination DDP), galerie Les cahiers de la peinture , Paris, mai.

1997 Exposition Paysages interurbains, galerie V. S. Canale , Paris 1er.

1999 Exposition Le chant des sir?nes, atelier Lipchitz, Boulogne.
Artist's Statement: