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Dieu louable 1999
Libert 1982
MAH 1985
Salut 1981
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Michaël Bellon Biography
Michal BELLON is a self-taught painter, his style "Symbolism Perspectiviste".
Self Taught.
Artist's Statement:
His first work, presented, was the collection "Major Mysteries of the Tarot" (1979 to 1981). The pictures, to the oil on canvas, are presented according to the order in which they were painted, so to not change at all traditional numbering of Mysteries. To avoid all pejorative interpretation some names of mystery were changed, thus "The Death" in "Metamorphosis", "Checkmate" in "The Pat" a reference to the echec game, "The Hung" in "Nevertheless". This maybe considered continuation as a circulation and for the purists of the Tarot a double reading is counseled thus, in house 1; mystery V, in house 2; mystery VIII ect. .... Indications are given with the mysteries that not explanatory, destined to give rise to interrogations, thus for the 1 mystery paints; PATRIARCHE: "the Moral more simple constitutes the foundations to the dification of Spirituality" maybe explained by "the harshness for oneself and the mercy for others".