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Maker of Weather
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Joshua Elias Biography
Joshua Elias is an American artist who concentrates on painting oil abstract paintings.
SMC Design, Art, and Architecture
Sylvana Barrett/Historical Techniques
Otis Parsons School of Design
Santa Monica City Coll
B.A. San Diego State University
Selected Commissions/collections:
Arlook Residence
Coolman/Rosenberg Residence
Napleteano Residence
Gale Residence
Community of Angels 2001
Maison 140
Avalon Hotel
The Viceroy
Pinto Residence
Group Exhibitions:
Selected Exhibitions:
Farmani Gallery
EpoxyBox Gallery - Venice
Red House Gallery - the Red Show
Gallery C - the 21 Show
Livre Artists' Book Show - Chartes, France
Gallery C - The Art of Paint
Urban Canvas - Venice
Art Concepts - Bergamot Station
Sperone/Westwater - Visual Aids Show
AnD Lab Gallery
LACMA: Made in California - Mail Art Exchange
Patricia Correia Jurored Exhibition
Bookarts - The Short Son
BGH Gallery - Millennium
Lendrum Fine Art
Palazzetti Design
Albert Stuart Gallery
Barnsdall Art Center
LACMA - Appetite for Art
Enclave Gallery
Design Art and Architecture
Cedars Sinai Print Collection
Pacific Design Center - Signatures
MWP/Nancy Sadler Gallery
Children’s Hospital - Seattle
Los Angeles County Museum Exhibitions I
Artist's Statement:
The work is a communication of an underpinning of an idea of harmony, juxtaposed to a world of chaos. Order through beauty. Destruction overwhelmed by Creation. Ancient landscapes looming once again into a future-I wish to posit the possibility to create our own atmosphere rife with a new idea of light and form.