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Blue Cranes 'Blue Cranes in the Great Kanoo'
Defending the Prey
Kangeroo Siesta
Peregrine Falcon at Symonds Yat
Sand Martins ' Springtime Banks
Spotted Atlantic Dolphins and Queen Conch
Storm Dancer- Bridled Dolphin
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Ian Coleman Biography
As a boy in Venezuela Ian was surrounded by wildlife; he painted what he saw and his fascination for the natural world has gown ever since. After leaving school in England he became an illustrator until painting took over in his late twenties and his reputation for painting mammals, birds and marine fish grew. He lived in Australia and America painting wildlife especially on commission from the Scuba Diving World. In 1996 he was accepted into the prestigious Society of Animal Artists (USA) and his work has been selected for their annual National tours since then. He received the ‘Award of Excellence’ in 1998 and 2000 for the ‘Little blue Heron’ and the ‘Spotted Dolphins and Queen Conch’.
Awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the Annual National Exhibition of Wildlife Art in Liverpool, England in 1999. He was featured artist in ‘Wild about Art’ in Feb 2000…Awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2000 Wildlife Art Society Exhibition in Bristol UK.
Artist's Statement:
Commissions start from £400 for miniature paintings to many thousands for large canvas oil paintings. A non-refundable fee is required , for which you will receive a pencil sketch, a colour study, depending on the type of painting commissioned. On approval a 50% deposit (less the original fee-dependent on the size of the work) is due with the remainder payable on completion of the work.