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Emotional Sediment
Linear II
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Geetha Alagirisamy Biography
Geetha originates from Singapore with a mix of Chinese and Indian roots, hailing a proud paternal heritage from four generations of traditional goldsmiths and hand jewellers from South India. Trained in Computer Science, she sustained a successful IT career from the East to the West, while pursuing her lifelong passion for art with successful exhibitions in the UK, Europe and US.Learning the art of stone carving helped to extended her two dimensional art-form in abstract and figurative paintings of oil, acrylic and charcoal, beyond the canvas. She focused on ceramics as a medium and fine-tuned her skills in the wheel-and-kiln processes which led her to a postgraduate in Ceramic Design. Based between her studios in Cambridge and Geneva, Geetha completed a Master degree in Sculptural Practice in England, specializing in porcelain for the body of work. Geetha is currently a resident artist at the Bruckner Ceramic Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland, with personal studios in France and Spain. Her sculptural practice portfolio includes porcelain, stoneware and glass. Having worked and lived internationally across the globe from Singapore and Australasia to US, England and Europe, Geetha’s personal experiences and social observations culminate in her artistic expressions about identity, social contrasts and societal contradictions. Reactions to her mixed ethnicity and nationality as well as the reserved, preserving nature of people in general about their own identity are subjects that fascinate her and manifest in her works.
2012: Essex University, UK – Master Degree, MA in Sculptural Practice 2009: Bath Spa University, Bath, UK – Post Graduate Certificate in Ceramic Design 2007: Huntingdon Regional College, Cambridge, UK – GCSE A Level, 3D Art in Ceramics 1994: National University of Singapore - BSc. Information Systems & Computer Science
Single Exhibitions:
What we don’t see, Les Temps d’Art Gallerie, Eaux Vives, Geneva, Switzerland (Solo)
Group Exhibitions:
- Printemps Open Studio, Bruckner Ceramic Foundation, Geneva
CALL’ART, Carnival of Venice 2014, Venice, Italy (Juried)

- 13th Art Inter/National, Here and Abroad, Box Heart Gallery, PA, USA (Juried)

- 4th Florence Biennale IX Edition: Ethics DNA of ART, Florence, Italy (Juried)

- 4th Ceramic Annual of America 2013, Civic Center, San Francisco, USA (Juried)

- Place aux Artistes, Les Automnales, Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland (Juried)

- Masters at the Minories, The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester, Essex, UK (Group)

- Stoke-By-Nayland Art & Sculpture Exhibition, Castle Edingham, Essex, UK (Juried)

- Health by Abstraction, Colne Gallery, Colchester Hospital, Essex, UK (Solo - Featured Painter)

- Slack Space Open 2, First Site Gallery, Colchester, Essex, UK (Juried - Paintings)

- Anglian Potters Summer Exhibition, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK

- The Moment of Privacy Has Passed, Juried International conference#
Recto - Verso: redefining the sketchbook, University of Lincoln, Usher Gallery, UK

- The Art, Craft and Design Show, The Millennium Grandstand, Newmarket Racecourse, Suffolk, UK (Juried)

- Colchester Fine Art Open Contest, Colchester Art Society, The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester, Essex, UK

- 5th Hertfordshire Art Fair, Artshed, Westmill Farm, Ware, UK (Juried)

- Reality Bites - Exploring the abstract, refusing the real, seeking the truth? The Carpenters Arms, Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, UK

- Different Journeys - A Joint Charitable Project Initiative by The University of Northampton, UK
To raise support, awareness, healthier attitudes and funds towards drugs, alcohol and homelessness

- The Great Art Fair, Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green, London, UK

- New Cambridgeshire Artists, The Needhams, Cambridgeshire, UK (Group show of Paintings)

- Anglian Contemporary Art Show, Penman Art Fairs, Cressing Temple Barns, Braintree, Essex, UK

- Intro:2 - Ovenden Contemporary, The Needhams, Cambridgeshire, UK

Cambridge Open Studios - Local artists in Cambridge, UK

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, The Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity Street, Cambridge, UK
Artist's Statement:
The interactions in our personal and social contexts give rise to a distinct world of our own - our family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, employers and relationships. Within these domains, we choose what we hide or reveal of ourselves depending on whom we interact with and in what social context. The landscape of our identity is designed by our encounters, experiences and emotions. The past, present and future days of our lives determine the terrain of our personality.Therein lays my perspective: Our personal and social ‘landscapes’ give way to the 'us' that we put forth in society, what is always an edited version of our real self. My art acknowledges this multiplicity in us and the paradox of our inevitable duplicity.I play with the abstract notions of ‘identity’ vs ‘personality’ vs the closely-related entity of the ‘face’. These are highly-distinct yet inter-dependent within the social context or environment in which they are the main modes of interaction for us. The ‘face’ is the focal point in all our interactions. It is a form of landscape or terrain that people readily associate with and use as a gauge; the closest physical epithet and ‘gateway’ to our identity for the world around us. Although intangible and non-representable in concrete forms, I have chosen to articulate and communicate these perceptible notions using porcelain as the main medium in my sculptural practice. The intermixing of glazes within porcelain slip produces unexpected effects that are fascinating and intriguing with varying depths of visibility, before and after a kiln-firing. This process is evident in all my works whether I hand-build faces, books and manuscripts or wheel-throw vessels.While it is reality that the effects of our interactions affect how much or how little of ourselves we reveal to others, my art reveals my hopeful and optimistic assertion that regardless of our ‘landscapes’, the unedited version of each one of us is good enough for the world around us.