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Lady in Black
Lady in Kimono
Lady with cat and moon
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Floria Otis-Rosimiro Biography
The daughter and granddaughter of painters, musicians and opera singers, Floria Otis-Rosimiro was born in Paris into a family of exceptional artists.Her grandfather was the famous portraitist, Cesare Bacchi, who painted notably the King of Italy, Vittorio Emmanuele III. Her grandmother, Tanette Otis, was a concert pianist and painter (listed in the prestigeous encyclopaedia of art the Benezit, as is her husband) and is also a descendant of the Otis family, Boston, which included a series of famous patriots, politicians and lawyers as well as the inventor of the elevator, Elisha Graves Otis. Her father Primo Rosimiro is a first-rate Italian tenor, and her mother Evelyne Otis-Rosimiro a highly-talented classical painter and portraitist.Having inherited from her grandfather a pronounced taste for the portrait, Floria turned quite naturally towards the human figure. Influenced by the symbolist movement in painting, the Art Deco period, and more particularly by artists such as Gustav Klimt, Fernand Khnopff and James Tissot, the proud, slender Amazons which she delights in painting take their direct inspiration from contemporary fashion.Highly sensitive to Japanese art, from which she learnt the importance of line and precision in the representation of colour and pattern on fabric, she attaches the utmost importance to detail, and takes meticulous pains to capture the precise nature of the texture and tissues she is painting.Working to commission, she also likes to explore the delicate art of the portrait.
Floria's talent is a natural inheritance from her mother and her grandparents, and her technique is thus of the classic Italian school, handed down from generation to generation.Having started at the age of 16 with studies in pencil and charcoal, Floria worked for a while in pastel, before devoting herself completely to oils, the technique for which she acquired by copying the paintings of the Old Masters.
Single Exhibitions:
Over the last ten years, Floria has exhibited several times in Paris, Brou, and Brunoy.

2009 Le Mécène Café, Paris
2009 Restaurant Maison Blanche, avenue Montaigne, Paris
2009 Galerie Younique pour le restaurant Maison Blanche, Paris
2008 Office de Tourisme de Brou (Eure et Loir)
2008 Rénate Restaurant, Paris

Group Exhibitions:
2010 Espace Renoir, Rueil-Malmaison
2010 Contemporary Art Christmas Exhibition, Belfast Waterfront (RU)
2010 Canvas Galleries, Belfast (Royaume-Uni)
2010 Exposition « Art loves fashion », West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK, Belfast (Royaume-Uni)
2007 Galerie Thuillier, Paris
2006. Major gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
Nov-Dec 2007. Galerie Thullier, Paris
Dec. 2007. Société Nationale des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

Artist's Statement:
“Floria ROSIMIRO conceives incredibly beautiful paintings. She displays in her work an unprecedented luxury of detail, a symphony of colours of the most refined taste, an impressive finesse and delicateness of brush-stroke, and in her compositions there is invariably a complete – almost perfect – equilibrium.There is certainly an elegance and carnal refinement in these paintings which ravish us, and sometimes move us also; she knows instantly as no-one else how to capture the slightest gesture, the slightest pose which transforms all these young women into authentic little masterpieces”.(Serge COLOMBANI, Arioso International, No. 32, June 2005- May 2006).