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Cathedral Towers, Salamanca, Spain
Chateau By The Pond
Christmas Melody
Laguna Azul
Spanish Colonial Street
Waiting For The New Millennium
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F. Lucas Biography
Maria Josefa De Castellon. She was born in Mayajigua, a small town in central Cuba, from parents who were Spanish immigrants. Since childhood she liked to paint and eventually excelled in that field.In 1961, like many others, she and her family decided to leave Cuba, and emigrated to Venezuela. The hardship of starting a new life in a strange land forced her to abandon painting.Once she ascertained that her hard work has rendered fruitful results, and that her children were on the right track, she returned to her great passion, painting. Once more, painting absorbed her free time. She became so rooted and attached to the land of Bolivar, that eventually she decided to become a citizen of Venezuela.Venezuela being her new country, she fell in love with the marvelous landscape of that beautiful land, and she made it a point to capture this grandeur in her paintings, with all the magnificence and vibrant coloring, and freshness that nature created there.
Self Taught.
Artist's Statement:
With her paintings, she made a successful career in Venezuela where she organized countless exhibitions. her work obtained the most laudatory comments from the art critics and the press.To assist her husband in his business relationships, once more she was forced to change the brush and the spatula, for pencil and paper, and during several years she stopped painting to become a successful business woman.In 1993 she came to the United States to be close to her children who were living there. When she arrived in this country, she resumed painting. The homesickness for the beautiful countryside and landscapes of her never forgotten Cuba, inspired her to include these wonderful memories in her paintings, which permit her to remember with blazing ardour and love her fatherland.