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''Dwanimen'' Ram's horn
Emotional refinement.
Inn light
''Nyame dua'' An alter to the sky God.
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Eugene Edzorho Biography
Edzorho A. K. Eugene, popularly known as K. Dzorho, is very versatile as an artist. He believes in creativity as the basis for arts and that where ever creativity fines it self a true artist should not be found wanting: Thus, he is a painter, sculptor and a designer and graphic artist. He taught General Knowledge in Art for one academic year after his tertiary education.
2005 - 2008 Takoradi Polytechnic, Ghana – Higher National Diploma – Painting option.2000 - 2003 Saint John’s school, Secondi-Ghana – Visual Art (Ceramics, Graphics design and Painting).1999 - 2004 Ben Art Studio - Apprenticeship.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Takoradi Polytechnic (Ghana)
Private collections by individuals both local and international.
Saint John’s school, Secondi-Ghana
Artist's Statement:
I am drawn to divinity and to the visual complexities of life. Thus I try using a universal language: symbols to reflect the coherent of event and its healing process.My work has moved from the periphery of pigment into the mainstream of the sources of colour such as sand. Making me realize and appreciate the existence of man and nature. Therefore I work with geometric forms, shapes and “adinkra” symbols which form’s the base of my customs and tradition govern by mythology and literature of my culture. As I work with these elements I inculcate the message handed down from one generation to another into my work.I become astonish to see the formation of rocks with it dynamic colour schemes which vary from grades; in a juxtapose position and superimpose position to bring about a harmonious shades of colours. I therefore collect various shades of coloures of rocks grinding and fused onto boards to project my message which then make my art piece to take it’s breath of life to form an existing being. I see myself as a custodian of tradition.The basic elements that underline my style are geometric shapes from traditional “adinkra” symbols from my culture. I also use the grinded rocks to paint landscapes and figure composition.