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Dvorah Silverstein Biography
Born in New York into a family of all professional artists, musicians and performers, Dvorah's life has always been devoted to artistic endeavors
University of Michigan/School of ArtBachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Magna cum Laude Columbia University/School of Fine Arts Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Honors, New York Studio School for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Art Students League
Magna cum Laude
Selected Commissions/collections:
Portrait - Andrew Rose, 1989
Mall Floor design - Ron Steinbaum 1989
Portrait - Mark Halper, 1994
Single Exhibitions:
1987 S.R. Rage Gallery, New York Three person show
1988 S.R. Rage Gallery, New York Two person show
1989 S.R. Rage Gallery, New York One person show
1989 S.R. Rage Gallery, New York One person show
2001,2004Spiegelhalter Galerie, Freiburg One person show
2002 Goethe Institute, Freiburg One person show
2006 Carl schurz Haus, Freiburg One person show
Group Exhibitions:
1986 National Art Center, New York
1986 A.I.R Holiday Invitational, New York
1986 N.Y.U. Small Works Competition, New York
1986 22 Wooster Gallery, New York
1986 Eastman-Wahmendorf Gallery, New York
1986 Civilization, New York
1987 Nolo Contendre, New York
1987 Eastman-Wahmendorf Gallery, New York
1987 Movietone Muse, New York
1987 One Penn Plaza, New York
1988 Parker Bratton Gallery, New York
1992 900 East 1st Street Gallery, Los Angeles
1995 Firehouse Gallery, Los Angeles
1995 Comic Relief, Los Angeles
1996 DADA, Los Angeles
2007 Phoenix Gallery, Edinburgh
2007 Outrageious Art, Edinburgh
Artist's Statement:
An artist with a unique vision, Dvorah has explored all the possible ways to express and communicate through painting the search for an understanding of experience and life. Beginning at first as a figurative painter, she then dove into the world of the imagination. These early explorations were a gestural abstraction of the figure in a kind of primeval landscape, with the intention of expressing a pure experience - psychological, emotional or spiritual - as it exists in the realm of the mind. From there she further detached from the figure creating forms of cloudlike energy, again with the intention of creating states of mind and being. These developed into more colorful, landscape-like images, a kind of abstract impressionism, and later they became darker and more influenced by abstract expressionism, with the use of thick paint and energetic brushwork. She then chose to reurn to the figure as her source of inspiration, and in these canvases she focuses on a social irony within an urban context. Her richly colored palette and fluid brushwork create a spontaneity rarely seen today. This spontaneity belies a studied eye for what happens all around us. Ms Silverstein transcends reality through her knowledge of the human mind and its relationship to the formal issues in painting. Scenes frm New York, imaginative still lives, elegant figure drawings and compelling portraits form this most recent body of work."I have always been driven by the need to know why things are the way they are, to uncover the truth lying hidden beneath the surface of reality. My intent here is to reconstruct the abstract into a picture of reality, or in reverse, to portray abstract concepts as they exist within the context of reality. Something that will encompass all levels of experience, from the instinctual to the conceptual, as they are expressed through the functional concerns of everyday life. It is a humanist vision, straight from the heart, illuminated by reason, freed by knowledge."