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At the Rock Garden, the Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv
Late Impressionsitc Blossom
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Dubi Roman Biography
Nature Photography is a kind of prayer for whatever this beautiful country should have been and still can be. Amidst the uncertainty, the wars and the violence, stand the innocence and beauty of the forests, the streams and the flowers. But they stand lost and embarrassed, waiting for their prayer to be fulfilled..." Dubi Roman, at the opening of "100 years of the Jewish National Fund" exhibition, Jerusalem, 2001
Dubi Roman was born in Haifa, Israel in 1957. His family has lived in the mystical town of Safed in the Galilee for five generations, where his grandfather was a renowned artist.Dubi works as a video editor for the Israeli Educational TV Channel. Since 1983 he has combined his work with his studies at the prestigious New York Institute of Photography. The last four years Dubi has been a chosen participant in the esteemed “Family of Man 2” documentary photography project sponsored by Leica. He also lectures and gives outdoor workshops on nature photography.Dubi resides in Tel Aviv with his family.Dubi Roman's art is created solely with a camera, by a unique technique of multiple exposures. No filters are used and there is no lab or computer manipulation. Dubi's camera of choice is a manual Nikon FE2 with an old 55/3.5 micro-lens
Several Web Award from internet galleies
Single Exhibitions:
“Silence of the Stone” – some ancient architecture in the old part of the Chercession village Kfar Kama 1997

“In stills and Colors“- major photo exhibition to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Jewish National Fund. Showed at the Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem, The Rappaport Auditorium, Mt. Carmel Haifa, and later at The Azrieli Center 49th floor Round Tower, Tel Aviv.
On January 2003, the exhibition will visit at the new Teachers Center, Beer Sheba
During 2001, seven complete Copies of the exhibition were sent to the JNF offices around the world. 2001 -2002

Group Exhibitions:
“Impressions of a Journey – Impressions of Places” - Two photographer's exhibition at the Israel Educational Television 1994

"The Color of Water"- The Tel Aviv Museum – Educational Group Exhibition , October 2002
(Open until mid 2004)

"The Art of love" - at the Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London 2004
Artist's Statement:
Creation is mankind's ultimate treasure.In this Crazy region, during this time of bloodshed,When Darkness intends to drown us all, Arabs and Jews.I'm trying to emphasize hope; a few rays of light behind the shadows, a Blossomed leaf, a flower's teardrop and the smell of mud after rain.I simply wish to force us to take an inner look into God's mirror,To realize how much we've got to lose.Nature Photography is kind of a prayer,I'm praying for us all...