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Dark Lady
Recumbent Nude
Flowing hair
Small Summer Garden
View from the Studio Summer 2005
Recumbent Red Haired Model
Signs of Spring, 2005
The Blue Headband
Contemplative model
Blonde model against the light
Model in thought
Large nude
Turnpin Lane on Sunday
Dolphin ll
Church Street, Greenwich
Tarzan Tripes
Barmouth Beach
Teide from the South
Portrait of"P"
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Donald Harris Biography
For 24 years (1956-80) he taught Art at Inner London Boys' Comprehensives, for the final 17 years as Head of Art. At the peak of the school population, he led a department of 13 staff and 6 studios. Many of his pupils went on from A Level to Art School. He also worked as an examiner at O Level and CSE, served on the LREB Art Panel to draft a new Syllabus for 1983 and continued to work as Assessor and Senior Assessor for the GCSE. He resigned this in 1989 in protest against the debasement of standards. Feeling increasingly the need to return to full-time practice of his own work, he sought and obtained early retirement from teaching, in September 1980. He first took up etching at Goldsmiths' in 1955, with Paul Drury and exhibited that year at the Royal Painter-Etchers' (then in Conduit Street) where his work received favourable notice from Neville Cardus in the Manchester Guardian. He is a founder member of GREENWICH PRINTMAKERS, (1979), whom he served in several capacities since leaving full-time teaching; in particular, as Chairman, he organised the Association's move to independence in new premises, where it still flourishes. He is now no longer a member, being hindered in printing by painful wrists. His prints and paintings are in many private and public collections in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa,(where he is represented, amongst others, at Sanlam by some old works from Dr Silberberg's collection) and Luxembourg, amongst others. He has held one-man shows at Greenwich Theatre, (1982) Gallery-on-the-Heath (1984) and Medici, South Kensington, (1989). Medici Galleries, Standard Telephones and Cables and Wain Shiell, of Savile Row, have all sought works of his to publish. The spirit of his painting, (mostly in oil, but also pastel, acrylic and watercolour) informs his work as a printmaker. The form taken by the work is determined by the medium and each contributes to the development of the other. His etchings are mostly on largish plates, obtaining varied colour effects with usually no more than two plates & two basic colours, sometimes two-plus-one. His concerns are light, space, atmosphere and contrasts of shape, character, scale and movement, often in the urban landscape. He does not confine himself to any one type of subject matter or treatment, but feels free to treat still life, nudes, portraits or any other subject that moves him. He has now left Greenwich Printmakers because of an inability to print due to a wrist complaint which makes plate and printmaking painful, but continues to paint and draw.
Painter, Etcher, Printmaker Donald Harris was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, 1925: he spent his early childhood in Port Elizabeth, later went to school and Art School in Johannesburg, then took NDD (1951) at Camberwell and ATC (1956) at Goldsmiths' London.
Artist's Statement:
Since returning to the practice of etching in 1972-3 he has exhibited in many mixed shows, at the RE Open, several times at the New English and twice at the Royal Academy. He first exhibited in Johannesburg in 1946 and has shown at many Galleries in SE England and Wales, including Zella Nine, Anthony Dawson, Medici, Blackheath, Gallery on the Heath, Window Gallery (Brighton), Colin Jellicoe, Edinburgh, Terrace Gallery, Worthing, Andrew Lamont, and many venues such as Woodlands in Blackheath, Smith's in Soho, Dulwich Picture Gallery, The National Theatre, Rangerís House, Blackheath and the Barbican (several times) with Greenwich Printmakers. In Nov., 1998, he organised the twentieth anniversary exhibition at Woodlands for Greenwich Printmakers; this included ex-members and involved over 70 exhibitors showing some 270+ exhibits, including prints, paintings and three-d items, pottery, sculpture and models.