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Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus S. Arnott
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Debbie Monique Jolliff Biography
Debbie (b.1981) was brought up in a small family run flower bulb nursery just on the outskirts of London. She discovered her passion for photography when she left school, with a love of art and a curiosity to know more about photography she enrolled at her local college to study an A-level in the subject.
Debbie has an HND in Media Production and with an ever-growing fascination for the natural world this led to her applying and finally graduating in 2003 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Wildlife Photography.Since graduating Debbie has built on her collection of Fine Art images, looking at the natural world, landscapes, travel and more recently bringing the outside world into the studio to focus on the detailed beauty and inspiration of plant life and flowers. Debbie is keen to experiment more and is currently working on a limited edition piece titled 'Four Seasons' and a set of 12 panoramic images on 'The genus Auricula'
In October 2006 Debbie's collection titled ' The genus Galanthus' won the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society's Gold Medal Award. Other RHS medals awarded to Debbie for past exhibitions have been both a Silver Award for 'The genus Cypripedium' and a Silver-Gilt Award for the exhibition titled 'The genus Paris'.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Debbie's photographs have been commissioned for the front of greetings cards and magazine covers both in the United Kingdom and internationally.
Artist's Statement:
Debbie strives to capture the essence of the natural world, with her focus on many types of flora; her work has a clean, elegant, stylish edge with a true botanical reference. Debbie loves to be surrounded by nature, she believes it harnesses the power to soothe, calm, energise and strengthen the soul, she believes we never live in moments to regret when surrounded by nature's beauty.