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City's Song
Composition no. 2
Evening No. 1
Horse's Flight
Pink Nude
Strange Dream
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Constantin Galceava Biography
I was born in Romania in 1958, in a rural area. I spent there my childhood and I discovered early a particular happiness to express myself in colors...Later, in 1977, I graduated from the College of Arts in Iasi, and I started painting using a variety of materials, methods, styles and influences, trying to find my own way of expressing the world . That's how I found a grain of dynamic expressionism in my soul, and I began telling stories on the canvas, mixing elements of folklore with a touch of medieval flavor. Sometimes, the background had to be nuanced with abstract compositions that suggest a strange atmosphere, somehow fantastic yet surreal. A particular world catching the viewer into a day-dreaming matrix.
"Octav Bancila"-College of Arts from Iasi, Romania
Selected Commissions/collections:
Art works in private and public collections in Switzerland, Norway, France, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Italy, Belgium
Single Exhibitions:
2006 - The Gallery “Amici dell’Arte”, Brissago , Switzerland
2004 - The Gallery “Al Parco”, Locarno, Switzerland
2003 - L’Hotel de la Ville, Sierre, Switzerland
2001 - L’Espace “Les Arbres”, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland
2000 - L’Hopital de la ville, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland
1998 - The Gallery “Capt”, Geneve, Switzerland
1995 - The Gallery “Haganes”, Fjell, Norway
1995 - The Gallery “Baren”, St.Gallen, Switzerland
1994 - The Gallery “Papillon”, Bern, Switzerland.
Group Exhibitions:
1995 - The Gallery “Manufaktur”, Weil der Stadt-Stuttgart, Germany
Artist's Statement:
I live and work in Pascani, city located in N-E Romania