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Desert Wind.
Gentle Reef.
Strange Angels
The Lucifer Principle.
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Ben Stack Biography
Born in Dublin, Ben Stack started studying art in Ireland and Holland in 1977.Stack then moved over to the USA in 1982 were he worked for the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston Texas and became resident theatre designer at Rice University. In 1983 Ben returned to Ireland as a freelance designer and founded the Ballyrogan Arts Centre where he taught, whilst also working in set design for several theatre companies in Ireland.Ben then traveled in East and Central Africa in 1985, establishing 'Masha'allah Studios' and arts co-operative in Mombasa Kenya. The next year he worked with Japanese artist Kawata , and an artist from Zaire called N'gazu forming "And Then There Were Three". This was an international co-operative between the progressive arts of three cultures based in Nairobi.In 1987 Stack returned to Ireland and became the artist in residence at Artworks, SES,in Dublin.Ben then returned to America in 1989 where he worked as production artist for Robert Keith and Company in San Diego, and Holtzmueller Productions a theatre and special events company in San Francisco. He also worked as a freelance artist and illustrator for the Lyceum and Globe theatres in San Diego. After much success in the US Ben then immigrated to Sydney in 1994 where he has continuously exhibited, to much acclaim, in Sydney, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania.
1977 Dun Laoghaire School of Art Dublin,Ireland Kunstacademie,Masstricht,Holland1979 National Collage of Artr and Design,Dublin studied painting,drawign and mixed media1982 Awarded Diploma in Fine Arts (honours)1984 Awarded Bachelors Dergree in Fine Arts (honours)
Selected Commissions/collections:
Air France, Nairobi Offices, Kenya.
Intercontinental Hotel Group, Mombasa, Kenya.
Allied Irish Investment Bank, Dublin, Ireland.
S.A.S. Sydney, Australia.
Arklow Shipping, Wicklow, Ireland.
Swissair, Nairobi Office, Kenya..
Asset Risk Management, Sydney, Australia.
May Bros Engineering Co, Alberta, Canada.
Berlei, Sydney, Australia.
McCann Erickson Advertising, London, England.
Citicorp, Kansas City, Kansas, USA.
Qantas, Sydney, Australia.
Commercial Bank of Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.
International Law et Al, San Diego, California.
Maunsell Engineering, Sydney, Australia.
Ansett Australia.
Etheringtons Sollicitors, Sydney, Australia.
Allergan, Sydney, Australia.
Cost Co-op, Pittsburg, Massachusetts.
Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia.
Graff and Co. Mombasa, Kenya.
Hagemeyer, Sydney, Australia.
Lorenz Alhadeff and Oggle Lawyers. San Diego.CA.
Mr.B.Alper, Frankfurt, Germany.
Mr and Mrs. Ford. Sydney, Australia.
Mr.M.Brennan, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Mr.B.Chandler, Dublin, Ireland.
Mr.A.Cohen. Limerick, Ireland.
Mrs.B.Devorzon, Los Angeles,CA.
Mrs A.Dupree, Sydney, Australia.
Mrs.B.Epstein, La Jolla, California.
Mr.M.Faustin, Luanda, Angola.
Mr.L.Harvin, New York.
Mr and Mrs. B.Hunter, Sydney, Australia.
Joyce Solicitors, Wicklow, Ireland.
Ms.T. Kaire, Nairobi, Kenya.
Mr.J.Katarakawe, Kampala, Uganda.
Kelly and Partners, Sydney, Australia.
Mr and Mrs.A.Manson, Wicklow, Ireland.
Mr and Mrs.Maurice, Sydney, Australia.
M et Mme N'Gazu, Lubumbashi, Zaire.
Mr.P.Roesch, Nuremburg, Germany.
Ms.M Tinney, Corps Diplomatique, Nairobi, Kenya.
Mrs.P.O'Reilly, Berlin, Germany.
Mr.A.Wildenstein, New York, USA.
Mr.A Kashoggi, New York, USA.

Single Exhibitions:
"Exhibition of Visual Art" (EVA).
Limerick, Belfast and Dublin.

1984 Trinity College. Dublin, Ireland.
"Young Contemporaries", Mansion House, Dublin.

1986 Gallery Watatu, Nairobi, Kenya.

1987 "From the Land of Tooth and Claw",
Davis Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

1989 Sterling Gallery, La Jolla, California.
Annex Gallery, San Diego, CA.
Huygen-Jaeger Gallery, London, England.
Gustav Mantel Gallerie, Frankfurt, Germany.

1990 Zola Gallery, Los Angeles, California.
The Fidelity Collection, Los Angeles CA.
Barbara Devorzon, Los Angeles, California.

1991 Tiempo Art Space, San Francisco, CA.
Croce's Gallery, San Diego, CA.
Sterling Gallery, La Jolla, CA.

1992 Barbara Devorzon, Los Angeles, Ca.
Zola Gallery, Los Angeles CA.
Sterling Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1994 Pantheon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland.
Provenance Fine Art, Paddington, Sydney.

1995 North Shore Fine Art Gallery, Sydney.
Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney.
Quantas Club Sydney.

1998 Greenhills Gallery, Perth, Western Australia.
Norton Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

1999 Norton Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

2000 Despard Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania.
Norton Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
Masterworks. Melbourne, Australia

2003 Hart Gallery, Queensland, Australia.
Masterworks. Melbourne, Australia.

2005 The Blue Dot Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
Phillips Fine Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2006 Hart Gallery, Queensland, Australia.
Phillips Fine Art Gallery, Sydney.
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