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Atlantis I
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Anya Lauchlan Biography
I live and work in France. My studio is located in a very beautiful part of Normandy.I have showed my work solo and as a member of several group exibitions in London, New York and Paris.
1967-75 BA and MA Art & Graphic Design, Illustration, Publishing University, Moscow1965-67 Painting, Drawing and Composition studies, - prof. M.Khazanov1963 Trainee, studio of Ernest Neizvestny.1957-66 Young Artists Studio, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow1956-57 Art Class, prof. Nikogosian, Moscow
Best Children's Book - for an Illustrated book for children, Black Hen and Other Stories International Book Fair, Moscow, 1982

Portrait of the Month, Russel & Chappel's, London, 1999.

'Fried Popcorn' by Gianni Rodari, a full colour illustrated book for children, - Art Diploma work for MA degree recommended for publication, Moscow Publishing University, 1975
Selected Commissions/collections:
'The Witch With The Wobbly Nose', illustrated book for children by George Tarry
Set of Christmas Greetings cards for Great Ormond Street International Children's Charity Breaking Into Books, demonstration article for Artists & Illustrators magazine
Set of large thematic paintings for Oporto Portuguese restaurant, London
The Beast of Blackberry Lane - Illustrated children's book for Great Ormond Street Hospital
Set of Greetings cards and Limited edition prints for Rolland Fine Art
Set of paintings for Mr & Mrs Rapoport, Sacramento, CA, USA
Ruslan I-II Illustrated language text books.
Gandy Lande, Illustrated book for children,
Witness in a Pagan World & The Bronze Dagger - The Lutterworth Press 1989
Cover for World Jewish Relief edition 1989
Set of art postcards based on Black Hen and Other Stories, Moscow
Set of twelve posters for InterPolygraphMash 1983, Moscow International Trade Centre
Over thirty books (illustrations and/or cover designs/ and numerous graphic designs and artwork for advertising 1965 - 1987, Moscow
Single Exhibitions:

2010 - La Galerie d'Art Doublet, Avranches
2009 – Festival ‘Art en Bars’, ‘Le Sulky’, Brecey, France
2006 – ‘Beautiful South’ – Black Lion, Reigate, Surrey
2002 – ‘Footlights & Florals’, Wycombe Swan Gallery
2002 – ‘Footlights & Florals’, Fairfield Halls, London
2000 – ‘Footlights & Florals’, Theatre Royal, Windsor
2000 – BBC Television – Painting with English National Ballet
1999 – Loggia Gallery, Westminster, London
1998 – Cotton’s Atrium, London Bridge City
1996 – Harlequin Centre, Redhill
1991 – Illustrations, UNICEF, Cambridge
Group Exhibitions:
2010 - La Galerie d'Art Doublet, Avranches
2004 – Atelier Art International, New York
2003 – Atelier Art International, New York
2003 – Un-Affordable Art Fair 2003, The Menier Gallery, London
2002 – ICH Gallery, London
2002 – FPS, The Menier Gallery, London
2002 – Art For Life, Christie’s, London
2001 – Karen Taylor Contemporary Gallery, London
2001 – ‘Ut Pictura Poesis’, Leighton House Museum, London
2001 - Artistic License Gallery, London
2000 – Loggia Gallery, London
2000 – ‘Ut Pictura Poesis’, Galerie de la Marie de 8-eme arndt., Paris
2000 – Christie’s at Imagination Gallery, London
2000 – Sunshine Gallery, London Bridge City
1999 – Nutley Gallerie, Reigate
1999 – Cotton’s Atrium, London Bridge City
1998 – Llewellyn Alexander, London
1997 – Loggia Gallery, Westminster, London
1996 – Harlequin Centre, Redhill
1993 – Illustrations, Association of Illustrators,
1990 – Paintings, Broughton House Gallery, Cambridge
1988 – Illustrations, Broughton House Gallery, Cambridge
1979, ‘80, ‘82, ’83 – Illustrations, Graphic Artists Union, Moscow
Artist's Statement:
Cosmopolitan artist painter and illustrator Anya Lauchlan née Rapoport was born in 1948 in Moscow of Jewish – Chechen parents. Her parents were both doctors and her father A Rapoport (Alexander Golemba) was also a well-known writer and poet. Her maternal grandfather was the famous Chechen barrister Akhmethan Mutushev, a descendant of the Bagratid dynasty and Head of Trans-Caucasian government 1919.Anya’ talent for drawing and painting was recognised at an early age. She was selected for art training at the age of 8; first at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, then at the studio of M. Khazanov. She completed her training at the Publishing Institute of Moscow University, and graduated MA Art & Design in 1975. This versatile and in-depth training has given her a solid base for painting as well as illustration. The tradition of her Fine Art school was based on French Impressionism. To this she has added her original style enlivened by personal experience and vision. She worked as a book illustrator under a name A A Bahnova (or Bakhnova) in 1965 – 88 in Moscow, where one of her books ‘Black Hen and Other Stories’ won an International Book Fair award. From 1989 she started working in the UK, first as an illustrator for The Lutterworth Press, illustrating amongst others ‘Gandy Lande’, then, as a freelance: Ruslan I –II, ‘The Beast of Blackberry Lane’, etc, – under her married name Lauchlan. Since 1990 Anya Lauchlan started exhibiting her work on a regular basis. In 2000 Anya sketched at the performances of the English National Ballet and created a set of large paintings inspired by ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Nutcracker’. Later, Anya Lauchlan featured on BBC TV with her sketches and paintings of the ballet. At present, Anya lives in France. She paints French landscapes and her “En Plein Aire” tendency reflects the textures and subtle movements of changing colours, light and seasons of the region. For some time now Anya Lauchlan has been developing an individual style of abstract painting based on her family’s rich cultural traditions, her professional and travel experience, and her love of strong colours, intricate eastern ornaments and antiquity.Her paintings have appeared in many solo and group exhibitions and are held in private art collections worldwide.