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Dreamscape No. 16
Dreamscape No. 17
Dreamscape No. 18
Dreamscape No. 20
Dreamscape No. 21
Dreamscape No. 3
Dreamscape No. 4
Dreamscape No. 5
Dreamscape No. 6
Dreamscape No. 7
Dreamscape No. 9
Dreamscape No.11
Dreamscape No. 10
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Antoinette Burchill Biography
Antoinette's practice explores transformations. Links form, web like between notions, ideas and literature. These become clarified and then translated into a visual form. Colour, its use and application are vital to her work. She creates paintings that reflect and articulate her perception of colour as luminous and seductive. Keys, doorways and portals, entry/exits points and methods of moving between different worlds are recurrent themes in Antoinette's creative practice.
2000 Post Grad Certificate: Artists in Educational Settings. University of Derby 1998 BA (Hons) Fine Art. University of Derby 1993 BTEC National Diploma in General Art and Design. Kent Institute of Art and Design
Single Exhibitions:
2007 Dreamscape Paintings, Derby Dance, Derby
2006 Dreamscape Paintings, Gallery S, Derbyshire
2005 Dreamscape Paintings, Banks' Mill, Derby
Group Exhibitions:
2008 Home Trajectory, Big Blue, Derby, UK
2008 Carrot Questions, installlation, Big Blue, Derby, UK
2007 Mischief Night narrative, screening, Derby Feste, UK
2007 Dreamscapes, Ridgeway Gallery, Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK
2007 Synaesthesia Performance, Derby Jazz festival, DeDa, Derby, UK
2006 Synaesthesia Performance, Q gallery, Derby, UK
2006 MobFormat, Format Photography Festival, Derby, UK
2006 Dreamscapes, Melbourne Festival, Derbyshire, UK
2006 Synaesthesia Performance, Critical Meet, Derby, UK
2006 Synaesthesia Performance, Draycott Festival, Derbyshire. UK
2006 Beneath, Surface Gallery, Nottingham. UK
2005 Leicester Open, Leicester City Gallery. UK
2004 Virtual Collect - Painters, Nottingham. UK
2004 Annual Open, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby. UK
2004 Affordable Art, The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire. UK
2003 Wirksworth Festival, Derbyshire. UK
2000 Wirksworth Festival, Derbyshire. UK
1998 Derby City Live Festival, Derby. UK
1995 Outpost at the Venice Biennale Fringe. Italy
1995 Cardiff Art in Time Festival, Cardiff. UK
Artist's Statement:
The Dreamscape paintings are expressive, dynamic and striking. Antoinette uses a variety of opaque and transparent paints and inks, excited by the harmonies, contrasts and shifts in densities. Creating paintings whose images have the ability to emerge and evaporate whilst lying motionless upon the surface of the canvas. Antoinette defines the Dreamscape paintings as visual arenas, landscapes or portals into which the viewer can project their own ideas, hopes and dreams. The Dreamscapes allude to the visual phenomena, ancient myths and legends of the Aurora Borealis and Philip Pullman's novel 'Northern Lights'.