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Beach Walk
Hot Sunflowers
Peaceful Cliff Top
Girl Waiting in Red Hat
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Andrea Brueck Biography
Andrea is a Kiwi, who lived in Austria for many years and now resides in New Zealand. She is a self taught artist. She started painting in her late teens, as a means of self expression and was was greatly influenced by Picasso in her early 20s, freeing her from her ideas of conformity. In the early 1990s Andrea found the wonderful medium of oil paint and has since developed her own technique of change. Today she is influenced by the very artists who are Austians themselves, namely Hundertwasser and Klimt. Her most recent works reflect these artist's influences.
Self taught artist.
Selected Commissions/collections:
European Doctoral Studies Network (EDAMBA)
two paintings
Single Exhibitions:
Auckland, New Zealand - The Valley, Educational Arts Centre
Vernon, BC, Canada - Esoteric Society and Cafe House
KO, Austria
New Zealand, Snells Beach, Auckland's Mairangi Bay Arts Centre
Group Exhibitions:
Hainburg, Austria
KO, Austria
ARTPOINt, KO, Austria
New Zealand, Mairangi Bay Arts Centre
Artist's Statement:
As a mother, art should be pleasant and sweet to the eye and not offend anybody at any age. It should bring life into a room by delivering a happy and peaceful balance. Art should be something that gives you that moment of thoughtlessness.