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Haar on the Forth
Highbury Memories
London Eye
San Gimignano
Thames Sunrise
Val d'Orcia
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Alan Reed Biography
Alan Reed was born in Northumberland, England in 1961 into a family with a history of painting. He is a strong Christian and his faith finds expression in his commitment to his family and through his watercolours. He fell in love with watercolour, arguably the most difficult of all mediums to master, at the age of 15. Since then he has studied the work of the great exponents of watercolour and has developed a style that is both distinctive and instantly recognizable. 'I produce paintings, which are representational but not photographic. Iím concerned about capturing the light and the fleeting moment in time for which watercolour is ideally suited. I enjoy painting beach scenes, people and cities, particularly pre 20th century architecture and the hustle and bustle of street life. Working on location in various places including the Henley Royal Regatta, West Coast of Scotland, U.S.A, UAE and Italy has brought a creative sense of fluency to my painting.' His paintings vary from stunning watercolours of the Northumbrian coastline, beachscenes and Landscapes of The Sultanate of Oman to the every day spectacle of street life around Newcastle and Italy. Subjects like the Venetian carnival and the Tuscan landscape show the diversity of his repertoire.
Studied Art & Design Newcastle College 1978 - 1982
For three successive years, Alan's paintings were selected for the finals of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition.

Alan's approach to painting is described in a book entitled "Landscapes in Watercolour" by Theodora Philcox, an inspirational book which features the work of 23 leading watercolorists from around the world.
Alan was featured on Italian TV following his exhibition in Marostica, Italy.
Selected Commissions/collections:
2007 - 2009 Wembly Football Stadium & Ongoing commissions for the Sultan of Oman
2006 Sunset over the Siene,Paris.
2006 Stamford Bridge & Highbury Footbal Stadiums, Original Watercolour Painting Private Client, Surrey, London
2006 Grey Street from Emerson Chambers, Original Watercolour painting
2005-present commissioning of various properties in Italy
2005 A further series of Northumbrian Castles, Northern Rock plc, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne
2004 A series of 9 Northumbrian Castles, Northern Rock plc, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne
1981-present ongoing commissions for private clients.
Single Exhibitions:
2008 Castlegate Centre Newcastle on Tyne ĖCharity Exhibition with lifes work. A new Horizon at 17 Cheviot View, Ponteland.
2003-2007 Ongoing exhibitions at Gallery & Studio
2005 Alba e Italia - Scottish & Italian original watercolours, Di Rollo Gallery, Edinburgh
2005 Italy & the City, Gallery 19, Kensington
2005 La Luce (The Light) International exhibition of watercolour paintings, Castello Vecchio, Marostica, Vicenza, Italy
2005 Remember Remember 5th November, Studio & Gallery.
2004 20th Aniversary, Studio & Gallery,
2000 Scenes of Newcastle and Venetian Carnival, Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne
1997 Cities and Towns of the South of England, Malcolm Innes Gallery, London
1996 Regular exhibitions at 'Gallery of Fine Art', Newcastle upon Tyne
1995 Winter Landscapes @ home residence
1995 Venetian Scenes, Browns Gallery, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne
1995 Cityscapes, Phillips Auctioneers, Gateshead
1995 A Tale of Two Cities, Malcolm Innes Gallery, Edinburgh
1994 Cityscapes, Browns Gallery, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne
1992 Mixed Collection, Calouste Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
1992 Scenes from Above, Merton Gallery, Ponteland, Northumberland
Group Exhibitions:
2008 Newcastle/Gateshead Art Fair, Lowery Gallert in Kuwait.
2004 Glasgow Trade Fair, Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow
2004 Henley Regatta, Henley Regatta Stewards Enclosure, Henley-on-Thames
2003 Spring Fair, NEC, Birmingham
2003 Made in Northumberland, Biscuit Factory, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2000 NYAD in New York
1998 Journal Competition, University Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
1998 Christie-Wild International Exhibition, Florida, USA
1997 Malcolm Innes Gallery, Bury St, St James, London
1996 Stewards Enclosure at the Henly Royal Regatta
1995 6x6 Show, University Gallery, Newcastle
1994 Sunday Times Competition Watercolour, Mall Galleries and Tour, London
1994 Malcolm Innes Summer/Winter Show, Malcolm Innes, Edinburgh
1993 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries, London and Tour
1992 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries, London and Tour
1989 Laing Competition, University Gallery, Newcastle
Artist's Statement:
Alan Reed, one of Britainís leading watercolourists, was born near Corbridge, Northumberland into a family of artists. At the age of 15 he fell in love with watercolours. People say that watercolour is one of the hardest techniques to master and I suppose thatís true, simply because itís not as forgiving as other mediums. With oils, acrylic or gouache you can mess up but cover up where youíve gone wrong. With watercolour you can always see the mistake so you have to start again.He trained as an illustrator at Newcastle College of Art and spent a lot of his early career doing artist impressions for architects. Since then he has developed a style that is instantly recognisable. He specialises in landscapes and cityscapes and his unique, fluid style captures the atmosphere of settings from the tumult of city living to the serenity and beauty of a rural landscape. I produce paintings which are representational but not photographic. I am concerned about capturing the light and the fleeting moment for which watercolour is ideally suited. I like to paint beach scenes, people and cities, particularly pre-20th century architecture and the hustle and bustle of street life. What makes Alanís painting so special is that, unusually for a watercolourist, he uses the most free flowing and uncontrollable of media to convey successfully the intricate and rigid forms of architectural detail. The attention to detail of Alanís buildings is comparable to that of the Italian painter Canaletto, but the essential difference, apart from the fact the Italian artist worked in oils, is that the geometric forms of Alanís street scenes are contrasted to the loose impressionistic treatment of the people. This contrast has the same relationship as harmony to melody and it creates the sense of rhythm and movement that achieves Alanís goal of bringing the streets to life. I love the hustle and bustle of city life. I try to capture the life of the street and make it live on the paper. Alan is not consciously influenced by any other artists but is known to admire the techniques of JMW Turner, William Russell Flint and John Singer Sargent particularly in the way they apply their paint. He endeavours to harness the almost accidental nature of watercolour thus emulating Turnerís free-flowing style. Alanís work shows, therefore, a meeting between the draughtsmanship of early 18th Century artists and the free forms of late 19th Century painters. Like Canaletto, Alan is an outstanding draughtsman but, like Turner, he is not particularly interested in drawing. My training gave me an appreciation of perspective and eye levels and I do like things to be correct, but most of all I love colour and I love form. I will lightly sketch a work in pencil, especially if I am working on location, but pencil lines can be too restrictive. Instead I prefer to do my drawing with a brush Ė it is much more suggestive.Alan still lives in the north-east of England in Ponteland working from his attic studio at home. He draws much of his inspiration from the region and has been painting Newcastle street scenes and Northumbrian landscapes since 1981. The bridges over the Tyne and Newcastleís Grey Street are among Alanís most popular subjects. Scenes of Durham, Lindisfarne and Northumberland castles are also in the extensive portfolio which he has put together over three decades of painting.But the North-East is not his only source of inspiration. A long-time devotee of Italy, Alan often travels there and this has led to a fine set of paintings from that country. The USA and the west coast of Scotland also feature widely in his work. The Middle East is yet another area to which Alan has given his artistic attention thanks to a commission from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman for a series of paintings now on display in a government building. Early in 2009 he made his first visit to Kuwait and was captivated by its diverse cityscapes particularly the bustle of the Mubarikiya Souk and the constantly changing scenes in and around the dhow harbour. He returns in May to be present at an exhibition of his work to be held at the new Lowry Gallery in Salwa. Alan has had many successful exhibitions since 1981, including those at the Mall Galleries in London, Malcolm Innes Gallery in Edinburgh and the NYAD 2000 exhibition in New York and has been a regular exhibitor in the Stewardsí Enclosure at the Henley Royal Regatta. The quality of his work received national recognition with the selection of a number of his cityscapes in the Sunday Times watercolour competition for three successive years. Alan's work has become increasingly collectable and is widely represented internationally through private and corporate commissions including those for Coutts Bank, Rolls Royce, Northern Rock PLC, Newcastle's Mansion House, Bellister Castle and the Hotel Relais il Canalicchio in Italy.