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Black Magic
Black Magic 14
Black Magic 15
Black Magic 21
Black Magic 25
Black Magic 26
Bull and Lady
Connection - I
Connection - II
Connection - III
Desire - I
Don't Leave Me
Don't Snatch My Dreams
Door of Wisdom
Garland of Vision
Harmony of Nature
Homage to Birth
Journey in Process
Journey Towards Life
Lap of Nature
Man in a Timeles Zone
Song of the Freedom
The Strength of Inner Power
The World Inside Me
Visionary Image
Yatra 1
Yatra 25
Yatra 82
Yatra 94
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Aditya Dev Biography
JOURNEY OF LIFE IN PROGRESS Art of course, ought to be a multi variate expression of thoughts, feelings and human sensitivities and not just fugitive in appeal, a quality we see in certain arts and artifacts of the day that momentarily or passingly entertain us in moments of mental or physical exhaustion. Good and meaningful art, on the other hand is impressionable, it is lasting as it provides adequate food for thought and touches our sensibilities. Paintings are thoughts, dreams, experiences and expectations woven intricately with the bush of imagination on to life In this backdrop “Aditya Dev” thankfully enough has evolved beyond years and appreciated the nuances of art at a relatively in this modern age. He has attained the maturity of dabbling with colours in a highly creative manner. His works have the appeal and application. His art works are good enough to elevate the spirits or have the potential of sensual delight. His works are handsomely charged with creative sparks of imagination and appreciation.His works can be termed modern in approach as they tend to draw his inspiration from contemporary subjects and objects and his own experiences and exposures.Aditya Dev is an exceptional painter in the field of contemporary India art scene. He is one of the most enthusiastic Indian artist who keenly observed the human relations whether man or women, mother and child, nature etc. in his exhibits the human relations especially man and women have their own personal space, some elements of nature are incorporated. His paintings are different conceptually but the purity and self illumination play a hidden role. .Whether in colour, or in ink, paper or canvas Aditya’s journey as a painter from his previous solo show “Bheed ki barf” to his recent solo show “Khel ke beech main” his journey as an artist is in progress to attain satisfaction an artist. His paintings move from chaos and hysteria to explore the changing mental landscape of the human mind. Trinity coming into being his art is human soul finding solace in artistic endeavours.By Mukta Kalra
1991 Post Graduated from Himachal University, INDIA
1982 Participated in open (Poster) Painting Competition & won the 1st Prize

1984 Participated in all India Poster Competition
(Organised by Coffee Board)

1989 Participated in Poster Competition & won the 1st Prize
(Organised by R.L.A.C. - Delhi University)

1994 Established "ELLORA" The Group of Designers

2005 Drawings published in literary magazines "PASHYANTI"

2006 Drawings published in literary magazines "HANS"

2006 Published my Drawings & Paintings in "SAHITYA ACADEMY MAGAZINE"

2008 Book "DARD APNA-APNA" selected by Central Hindi Directorate

2008 Painting published on Cover Page in literary magazines "HANS" India's well known magazine
Single Exhibitions:
1990 My Story "Ghar ki Deewareyn" & Sketch published in daily newspaper

1991 30- Short Stories & Sketches published in literary magazines

2006 Participated in workshop at AIFACS, New Delhi

2006 Drawing selected in annual exhibition of AIFACS, New Delhi

2006 Solo exhibition at Bhatia Art Gallery, Noida (U.P.)

2006 Solo exhibition in Washington, USA

2007 Painting selected in annual exhibition of AIFACS, New Delhi

2007 Solo exhibition at AIFACS Art Gallery from 8th August to 14 August
The exhibition of paintings got huge coverage from media. My interview was telecasted at AIR, DD1, DD National, FM 102.6 Rainbow and cover by all leading newspapers & magazines. News flash by UNI also. Book Bheed Ki Barf also got tremendous appreciation from people.

2008 Solo exhibition at Studio 55 Gallery, from 21st March to 28th March, New Delhi

2008 Solo exhibition at AIFACS Art Gallery from 8th August to 14 August
Group Exhibitions:
2003 Group Exhibition of paintings & drawings at Lokayata Art Gallery

2004 Participated in "100 canvas 100 artists 100th Birth Anniversary" of Shri Mulk Raj Anand

2004 Participated in junior artists camp at AIFACS, New Delhi

2007 Group Exhibition of paintings at International Grand Hotal, New Delhi
(Organised by the Savera Association)
Artist's Statement:
I started with Black Ink on paper & Watercolour Medium. I like to paint Figurative, Abstract Forms and Landscape in my styles. My areas of thoughts are very vast which I try to portrait in my paintings and poems. Now I am using acrylic and oil paints on canvas, where I can express my feelings and desire in the forms of colour, which gives me freedom to show my emotions. My sketches are about the feelings and relations, which having no particular shape. Its forms exude lightness that balances its movement on canvas. There is a deliberate move away from the use of substantial colours, pen and ink, layers and textures to further underscore the notion of the space. There is great tranquility about these images which are clearly records of emotions.