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butterfly girl
still life1
still life2
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Anna Pieniazek Paintings
‘Arriving in London in 2005 aged 27 from Poland I assimilated into multicultural environment and discovered some kind of connection between me and this place. The sort of connection which gives me unusual inspiration, brings much more color into my paintings. London also gives me that feeling that I belong here, this is my home, this is were I want to live, work, this is that place where I feel really free.The color is the most important subject of my artworks and this is the main reason of my creation. It is a reflection of my mood, condition of my soul or projection of my longings. I treat my art as a therapy. It’s a ritual which brings me closer to God and helps me understand who I really am. My paintings are a result of my joy and spiritual transformation. I would like to show them to people to spread all over the world a color and happiness.’
MASTER OF ART TEACHER – Silesia University – Cieszyn 1998-2003
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