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The Dream
Revenge of the Killer Housewives
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Ann Foster Paintings
My pictures are almost always figurative. Issues of sexuality and gender are of particular interest to me and therefore lesbian, transsexual and transgender images strongly influence and pervade my work.My paintings are the expression of me as a person, my life and experiences, which have come together in this moment of transference from me to the canvas. I find this process cathartic, a release and a joy.My objective is to introduce the viewer to my world and the freedom that exists there. My recent work has been primarily acrylic on board or canvas. I use both neat colour and glazes, applying with brushes, sponge or cloth.I sometimes use a digital camera in conjunction with Photoshop to examine the painting on my PC during the creative process, and often “play” with the piece in order to see other possibilities as they arise on the screen. Sometimes these suggest things which I then incorporate into the painting.
I received a First Class Degree from Sheffield and an M.A. from Manchester
Single Exhibitions:
Showing at La BOCA Cafe in NEWCASTLE as part of the Cafe Art Project until 7th July 2006
Group Exhibitions:
From September 2006, I will be Exhibiting in NEW YORK at the MONTSERRAT GAlLERY.
Artist's Statement:
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