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Dimensioni parallele
dimensions of the lights
Giochi di Infanzia
La Danza degli Arlecchini
Memorie de Firenze
Memorie di Infanzia
Memorie di Infanzia 2
Music Blu
Musician blu
Musico Errante
Musico Sognante
Piazza Vecchia
sacreds birds
Suonatore de Armonica
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Angelo Mazzoleni Paintings
Angelo Mazzoleni was born in Florence on 7th June 1952, he lives and works in Bergamo and is an interesting and original painter with a consolidated renown. Largely self taught, he attended some courses at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo and started with his artistic activity when he was young, under the guidence of some masters. He has painted for more than 27 years. His education is marked by a varied and very personal research of the world origins and its vital force through three main moments:- the study of the infancy and the primitive history, through the nominal representation of man’s primordial forces and energy (historical origins);- the research of the archetypes of existence and life, both through the compositions in plans of the reality and through material compositions, the more ovoidal or different structures whose main themes are: symbology bound with paths of light, temples and labyrinths.- Recently, the artist is developing an interesting research of “syncretic” type. From that it was born the foundation, with some other artists from Bergamo, of a new group-movement “syncretic art”, still in phase of developement, while in the same way the artist is continuing to experiment some new and innovating expressive forms.In general, all his educational course is tended to an historical and spiritual synthesis between past and present, to represent and penetrate the sources of life, the mysterious and ancestral dimensions of human soul and of the world. Critic notes about Angelo Mazzoleni last works" In the very interesting Angelo Mazzoleni’s last works some beautiful and original mixed techniques on various supports, there’s a real wish to communicate, to transmit, to correspond, thanks to the great force that these works emit; this force involves the observer, and obliges him to stop and think. In fact it’s like a liberation of an intrinsic energy that obliges to read it further to the material, and awakens some questions, doubts, anxiety. It’s an eschatological research of the artist, there are existential and transcendental problems that always trouble man to be in the center of his works; that’s the opinion about something “divine”, superior that is re-created by Mazzoleni, as he lives it totally, thanks to the apport of a matter, and of a materiality, that is transformed and ennobled by this artistic operation. These mixed techniques, the amazing ovules, with their dramatic effects, mean for the first thing to recognize the poetry of an artist, sensitive and malleable, able to catch the force of suggestion transmitted by the mixing of matter, colour and sign in an affirmation of the values, that born from the deep and intensive breath of a big and remote feeling, but without a limit of space and time. Love for the matter and its potentialities and dialectical research mark Angelo Mazzoleni’s works, that in these specific works of art reveal its big communicative capability, ready to talk about an indifferent and anonymous society, like ours is ever and ever, where the human values, the divines ones, fall down in the shade that wraps the past and makes the future intelligible”. Perugia - Luciano Lepri (journalist - art critic)Further wrote about him:S. Di Carlo - Fed. Crit. d' arte Roma, L. Lazzari (critic and journalist), A. De Santis, D. Merino, L. Lorenzi (critic), G. Barachetti, L. Lepri (journalist - art critic) - Perugia, C. Cutrufo (Historial of the art), G. Latronico (critic of the art), G. Bonomo (critic of the art), G. Sillato (Historial of the art) - Verona, "La Sapienza" University, Rome
Angelo Mazzoleni was born in Florence on 7th June 1952, he lives and works in Bergamo and is an interesting and original painter with a consolidated renown. With an autodidact education, he attended some courses at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo and started with his artistic activity when he was young, under the guide of some masters. He has painted for more than 27 years.
Single Exhibitions:
Exhibitions and Performances years-1980-2004:
Gallery of art Garitta - Bergamo, Ars Gallery - Bergamo, Modì-Bergamo Gallery, Bovara-Lecco gallery, Modigliani-Milan Gallery, c.l. Gallery Luxemburg-Bergamo Rose, Gallery Capricorno- Bergamo, m.m.conc. Naz. - Bologna, 1° prize gold dolphin, Bergamo, international prize Raffaello-Milan, seg.. conc. Naz. Agazzi-Bergamo, Gallery of the literary Coffee - Bergamo, Coop. Lib. - Bergamo, G.P.-Bratto, G.Al Pomero Rho-Milan, C. Boulevard Treviglio, - Bergamo, G.P.-Dorga, Gallery Ram - Selvino, Gallery-Promotion - Bergamo, international Hall De Peinture and sculpture Mac art - Montecarlo - principato of Monaco, Hall POP-Novara Bank, G.Promotion art-.Gressoney-Valley Of Aosta, G.Prom. art-room S.Maria Busto Arsizio - Varese, G.Prom. Rosetum-Milan Art-center, Tartaglia Gallery - Rome, the GAL prom. art it knows it Clarisse - Rapallo, Gallery Horti Lamiani - Rome, Hall of contemporary art - Trieste, Gallery the Telaccia - Turin, Miami Art Center Miami-Florida-USA Know them of the VITTORIALE of the Coast-Brescia Italians-Gardone, Fisher Island - Miami Beach FL - USA, know them Boscolo Tower Hotel of Bologna Manzotti-Castelfrancoveneto-Treviso Hall, Center VillaBianca-Terragni-Seveso Art, Gora-Montreal-Canada Gallery, NATIONAL MUSEUM ARCHEOLOGIC-Rocca di Albornoz - television Service - on the TG 2 NATIONAL - Viterbo, Gard Gallery - Rome, Heel-Catania gallery, Ceravolo Gallery "guppo" Asymptote "- Bergamo, Palace" Loggia of the Old-Genoa Mercanti"-Port, museum contemporary art V. Colonna - Pescara, Many its work are publish to you moreover on international places between which: "Picassomio" - Spain-USA and Artmajeur-France and moreover on many other situated ones of art. The artist is present in the rappresentazione archives, for the area of Milan, ARTITALIA.-Centro Milanofiori. They have written of he: S. Of Carl Fed. Crit. of art Rome, L.. Lazzari (critical and journalist), To De Santis, D. Merino, L.. Lorenzi (critical), G.Barachetti, L.Lepri (- journalist of art and critic) - Perugia, C. Cutrufo (historical of the art), G.Latronico (critical of arte), G. Bonomo (critical of arte), G. Sillato (historical of the arte)-Verona, University "the Wisdom" Rome..... . Banns on: The echo of Bergamo the province (Lecco) Bergamo today Art boè (Palermo) Artecultura (Milan). The small of Trieste Review Mondadori-Milan Art University "the Wisdom" - Rome NATIONAL Servizi:TG 2 - archaeological national museum of Viterbo, Tg3-Liguria, Telenord, National TG 2 extensions in the great dwellings - Loggia Palace of Merchant-Genoa. Book reviews on "the Republic, the Century, the Cargo vessel of Genoa.
Artist's Statement:
With respect to the my works , I can say that they reflect, also in the thematic and technical diversity, one same reason conductor the search of the last meant one of the life beyond the primordiale chaos,the attempt to pick the pure shapes,to represent those ancestral symbols,very present in the life of the cultures of the past and hour semicancelled from the progress and the civilization consumistico-capitalist.Some works of years eighty,they leave,as it is logical, from superficial of this the my distance, it is in the graphical elaborations, that in those pittoriche,in any case, famous already the attempt to exceed the perspective element and the dimensionalità of the shapes.As far as the variety of the techniques and the contents,I can say that al.di.là.della inevitabilità of this,having to condense more in situated than vent' years than search activity,still today,firmly they are convinced of the necessity to more avoid the ripetitività and the identification in an only style for being "recognizable",also to cost of falling in an excessive eclettismo.The experimentation and the permanent search are, for me,indispensable elements for the artistic evolution in how much I do not have never condivisole homologations to fine pure trades them.They are therefore present works of the years ottanta-novanta inspires you to the primitiva art, that I think the informal art for excellence, and the other more recent where manifest simboliste experimentation of some materiche techniques and infuences understandings like search of archetipiche figures until the discovery of "the ovular" dimension and the "contemporary sincretismo".They are works, paradoxicalally, outside from the time "like,the painting:"the Great Mother", between shape and not shape,color and not color,between presence and absence, where,on the background, to traspare already that materico universe that will find always greater space in the successive works.Later on, the pittorica exploration has moved in more directions with many ripensamenti from surveying of the pure shapes, to that historical primitiva,from the decomposition in plans of the truth,to the discovery of the macrocosmos,until the innovations of these my last years of job,where, I use of various materials beside the oil, it becomes a fundamental element.Such chosen beyond,to being tied to inner and instinctive factors, it has been radicata in me also on the plan rations them on the base of the consideration that,in future, the technological evolution will stretch to propose more and more models crafts them of art, with I hiss to cancel the manualità Therefore creed will be more and more important for an artist, to work with the matter "to paint with it".For that it regards to me, the materials use you are above all those suppliedfrom the nature,for their fascination,the particular inks and shadings,a nature that risks to disappear and also this has been for me ulterior stimulus for riproporla on the burlap,nearly like a message deprived of hope to the world.They explain therefore beside the use of cretaceous materials (for ova,i templi etc.) the parallel I use of straw,sand, pressate leaves,iuta and cork,earth etc.(for the creation it is of compositions still tied to the figure,of other more it is separated or it informs them).Towards the "Neosincretismo" "The last graphical and pittoriche works,they represent,a distance of new surveying also from the conceptual and thematic point of view.On one side, like pointed out, the search of other spaces through I use it of materiche or "ovuliformi" compositions,to allusive times of landscapes that in truth are dimensions because the matter of which they are constituted it exits or it enters in the burlap like an only pittorico sculpture or bassorilievo,other times lacking in every real reference in how much of for if same meaning.To the base of the development of this distance, it is the attempt to pick the deeper energy,the light,the mystery, the religiosità,benchè not riferibile to the canoni official neither to some religion in particular. That one that,in other words,it gushes from the myth or the secret fascination of ancient ruins built up for divinity disowned,or from the "mazes and templi of the spirit", that everyone of we,benchè today buried and smarriti,conserve like hopes in bottom to the spirit.Always legacy to this my need is the distance parallel that has carried to me in the time, to the discovery of the "sincretismo" in aware way,until it puts into effect them plan to create, with other artists,a group centralized on llo development of a various art nevertheless already present to national and international level.Is,this mine, an arduous path and still to the beginnings, but that it fascinates to me in how much,to times, it seems can close condurmi to the last mystery of the existence,towards the sorgive sources of the being and the world.
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