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Angela Conner Sculptures
Angela Conner has considerable international experience, accumulated over many years, in kinetic sculpture, often in public places. Conner’s work is tranquil in expression and relates closely to Environmental issues & forces. Her sculpture utilises natural elements like water, sun, gravityor wind to create mobiles that entice viewers to stop and watch their gentle movement. To date, Conner’s sculptures have withstood their public use without damage; an unusual record.
Self Taught.
American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Sculpture and co-design of
Heinz plaza, Pittsburgh,USA.

Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Society of Equestrian Artists, Sculpture of the Year Award.

1st Prize, International Kinetic Art Organisation

“Cosmic Cycle” - British Council Award for Refurbishment to Town Centre & Award for
Improvement of the Shopping Environment, Horsham.

Arts to Business Award for “Wave”, Parkwest, Dublin.
Single Exhibitions:
Core’ - Group Show, Illuminate Productions, South Bank, London
Hirschl Gallery - One Person Shows, Cork St. London
Browse and Darby - One Person Shows, Cork St, London
Carnegie Museum - Mixed Show, Pittsburgh, USA
Gimpel Fils Gallery - Mixed Show, New York
Lincoln Centre - One Person Show, New York
One Person Outdoor Show - The Economist Plaza, London
Sculpture by the Sea - Sydney, Australia
United Nations - One Person Show, New York
Victoria and Albert Museum - One Person Show, London
Washington Museum - Mixed Show, Washington
Friends of the Tate Gallery - Studio Show, London
Royal Academy - Summer Exhibition, London
The Tyron Gallery - Mixed Show, London
etc, etc
Artist's Statement:
Angela Conner has created sculptures in a variety of diverse materials, including stainless steel, marble dust, carbon fibre, resin, gold, silver, slate and glass.
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