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Andrew Ogus Drawings
When I was a child my family visited Pompeii, where the adult men were shown certain mysterious murals while the women and children waited in the ancient street. My circumspect father never told me what he saw.My life long fascination with story has led me to retell the mythologies of the ancient Greeks and Romans in gay male terms. For us, their world is mostly lost, broken statues and mosaics, faded murals, scraps of text. For them it was complete and modern.I began this work several years ago to celebrate the iconic beauty of men. Now I realize it is also an attempt not only to capture those unseen Pompeiian paintings, but to record our own modern lives.And I am always hoping to make something beautiful.
BFA with Distinction, California College of the Arts, 1972
Single Exhibitions:
"Icons," Hormel Center at the San Francisco Public Library, 2007
"Six Works on Paper" Moby Dick bar, San Francisco, CA 2007
Group Exhibitions:
"Valentine's Day Erotica Show," Market Street Gallery, San Francicso, CA.
"3 + 3, Six Bay Area Artists," Market Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
"Men," Larry Warnock Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA.
3 + 3: Six Bay Area Artists, San Francisco, CA
La Vita Bella, San Francisco, CA
Paper, Paper, Paper: Printmakers Show, Ma, San Francisco, CA
Art Soup 14, San Francisco, Ca
One Night Stand Erotica Show, San Francisco, CA
Six Works on Paper, San Francisco, CA
The Judgment of Paris, San Franciso, CA
Summer Group Show, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA,
Artist's Statement:
I'm hoping to make something beautiful.
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