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Block Square Tie and Cufflinks
Brick Tie and Cufflinks
Calder Tie and Cufflinks
Cheq-it tie and cufflinks
Double Square tie and cufflinks
Eight Square tie and cufflinks
Mired tie and cufflinks
Miros tie and cufflinks
Mondy tie and cufflinks
Riled tie and cufflinks
Tartan tie and cufflinks
Traffic tie and cufflinks
Trivial tie and cufflinks
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Andrew Jacobs and Michelle Lipman Applied Art
Now in their 10th year, the collaboration of artists known as Mushroom Designs has and continues to produce individually handpainted silk garments such as ties and cufflinks creating a wearable and affordable work of art to wear. All artists used have been educated to degree level in a field of art and design, creating a diverse selection of inspiration and techniques to produce a plethora of designs.
Two head designers both educated at the Hull School of Art in Graphic and Fine Art respectively.
Newcomers Craftsmen Artists Award 1998
Shell Livewire Business Award 1999
Selected Commissions/collections:
Art commissions include work for the Cathedral of York, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Sheffield Millenium Galleries, Manchester Art Galleries to name a few. From As far north as the Shetlands to as far south as the Falklands. As far West as Bermuda and as far as the Far East.
Group Exhibitions:
Work exhibitions include Hatfield House (Living Crafts), Craft in Focus, Craft Design Experience, ICHF (Stonor Park/ Pensthurst Place), Patchings Art Fair(Nottingham), Landmark Arts Fairs.
Artist's Statement:
Our aim is simple and that is to create unique design to suit the individual and are also happy to create commissions as well no design too unusual.
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