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Fragility of the moment
The Labirynth
Tower of Babel
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Andreas Zielenkiewicz Paintings
Andreas Zielenkiewicz was born in Zielona Gora (Poland) in 1955, and grew up in Bydgoszcz. After just a few years Andreas Zielenkiewicz became one of the most recognizable figures onthe arts scene in Poland. He had many exhibitions in several areas - basically in Germany, Sweden and Spain ( "Obra Cultural" - Main Prize - XI,XII Marathon, Madrid) Andreas Zielenkiewiczs works are inspirational - about achieving harmony to obtain your goals. In the early days Andreas Zielenkiewicz painted in the traditional style of the romantic period of the 19th century. His favoured motive was stil lifes and landscapes, but he was not satisfied. He wanted to look behind the subjects. His studies and exhibitions in the foreign european countries gave him this occasion. He himself decided for a new, unknown world. The antithesis of two different worlds East and west- changes his artistical views. From now on he works with clearly colours, elementary forms, lines and ornaments. He also works up ethnological symbols, old letters, calligraphies and discovers new letters. His pictures show the spiritual power and the expression of ideas. The paintings can be seen in many european galleries and private collections.
Attended UMK University in Torun, from where he graduated with arts degree in 1980.
Single Exhibitions:
"Gallery 85" - Bydgoszcz (Poland)
1992 - International Exhibition of Fine Arts - Mora (Sweden)
1992 - Polonia Consulting Carl Bro Group Gallery - Bydgoszcz (Poland)
1992 - Gallery "Akcent" - Grudziadz (Poland)
1993 - Contemporary Arts - City Hall - Copenhagen (Danmark)
1993 - X Marathon of Arts 93 - Madrid (Spain) - Main Prize
1994 - XI Marathon of Arts 94 - Madrid - Main Prize
1994 - City Gallery - Reinhardshausen (Germany)
1996 - Gallery " Zur Staffelei " - Schwenningen (Germany)
2001 - Gallery " Heinrichs - Galerie Am Turm " (Germany)
2005 - "Art Exhibition - Gallery Strumper" - Mainz-Kastel (Germany)
2006 - " Art Ireland " - Main Hall,RDS - Dublin ( Ireland )
Group Exhibitions:
At the moment his work is exhibited extensively in the United States as well as several Europeangalleries and in his home countryof Poland in Gdansk and Bydgoszcz.
Artist's Statement:
'My work is intuitive, automatic and experimental. It is a process of attempting to forget everything I know in order to discover or invent. . The layering of color and image, erasing, recreating - gives a sense of history - present and past - to the work. I have a sensual connection with the material sand images I choose'
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