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Apple Tree Garden
Maiden Dreams, Senility
Three Graces
A Kingfish
Goadsman (triptych, left part)
Goadsman (triptych, center)
Goadsman (triptych, right part)
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Anastasia Hohriakova Paintings
Anastasia Hohriakova is a contemporary Russian artist and painter whose genius stands at the intersection of Realism and Impressionism. Anastasia works in almost all genres of easel and monumental painting: genre scenes, portraits, landscapes, still life, interior murals and frescos, sgraffito and mosaic. Her artwork, both in painting and in composition, reflects the emotion, vivacity and energy with which she perceives the world around her. The artist has created hundreds of original artworks. Her paintings are held in private collections throughout Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, France, and Hong Kong. Anastasia spent the summer of 2003 painting murals for the Saint Nicholas Cathedral in New York, the main Russian Orthodox parish in the United States. She is a member of the Moscow Artists’ Union Monumental Painting Chapter and a member of the International Art Fund.
Anastasia successfully completed six years of study at the Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg and the Surikov State Academic Art Institute in Moscow.
Laureate of the Youth Premium "TRIUMPH" 2005
Prize winner of the 1st All-Russia Contest “Ancient Rus’ to Modern Russia", 2006
3rd prize winner of the Moscow Artists’ Union Award for painting, 2006
Prize winner of the Inter-regional exhibition of artwork by young artists "At the border of the Millenium", 2000
Selected Commissions/collections:
The artist has painted lots of commissioned portraits and has been given frequent commission to paint interior murals on walls and ceilings. Anastasia completed a series of paintings for the play "There's enough simplicity for every sage" commissioned by the Maly Theatre in Moscow and also murals for the Saint Nicholas Cathedral in New York.
Single Exhibitions:
2006 – City Exhibition, Zelenograd, Moscow Region
2002 – City Exhibition, Korolyov, Moscow Region
1997 – City Exhibition, Zelenograd, Moscow Region
Group Exhibitions:
2007 – "Moscow – Artists – Moscow" Art Exhibition of Moscow Artists’ Union in Celebration of its the 75th Anniversary, Moscow
2007 – "Academic School" Art Exhibition by Graduates of Academic Art Institutes in Moscow and St.Petersburg, Moscow
2007 – The 5th Victor Popkov All-Russian Contest, Moscow
2007 – "Monumental Vision of the World" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2007 – "Youth XXIX" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2007 – XVII Exhibition-Contest "Gold Pencil", Moscow
2007 – "Youth XXVII" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2007 – "Images of Women" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2007 – "Young Artists of Russia" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2006 – The 4th Victor Popkov All-Russian Contest, Moscow
2006 – Monumental Painting by Moscow Artists, Moscow
2006 – IV All-Church Exhibition-Forum "Orthodox Rus’", Moscow
2006 – "Youth XXVI. Love and Family" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2006 – “Moscow is the City of Peace" International Contest of Young Artist, Moscow
2006 – “Painting Spaces” Art Exhibition, Moscow
2005 – “New Vision – The Holy Land through Eyes of Modern Art Painters" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2005 – “Inheritors of the Great Art“ Exhibition of the best art diplomas by graduates from Academic Art Institutes of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Moscow
2005 – The 3rd Victor Popkov All-Russian Contest, Moscow
2005 – “Music of Color“ Art Exhibition, Moscow
2005 – The 2nd All-Russian Contest of Young Artists, Moscow
2005 – International Art Exhibition commemorating the 60-th Anniversary of Victory in the World War II, Moscow
2005 – "Youth XXV" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2005 – Artworks Exhibition of young artists, Moscow
2003 – All-Russia Exhibition of Artistic Works in Celebration of Slavonic Literature and Culture, Voronezh, Russia
2003 – "300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg" Art Exhibition, Moscow
2003 – Art Exhibition by students of the Surikov Art Institute, Moscow
2000 – Inter-regional exhibition of artwork by young artists "At the border of the Millenium", Khimki, Moscow Region
Artist's Statement:
Why am I doing this? Because I can't help it… Painting adds meaning to my life and makes me part of something which brings enormous joy...
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