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Poppy Field
Vase and Blossom
Tuscan Villa
Canadian Lake Sunset
African Sunset Scene
Poppy Heart
Standing Guard
Sunset Blue
Sunset at Sea
Poppy Trio
Evening Silhouette
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Amanda Hunt Paintings
Amanda Hunt is an excting Artist who has a real passion for all forms of painting and drawing. This is evident in her fresh, bold and original style and in her constant experimentation with depth of colour and textures. Amanda's distinctive sunset and abstract paintings have been purchased by collectors all over the world and she regularly exhibits her work up and down the country.Amanda paints from her studio in the Berkshire countryside and enjoys trialling new mediums and techniques.
Amanda Hunt is an emerging self taught artist. Her raw talent is evident in her original use of colour and painting composition.
Single Exhibitions:
Cookham Parish Centre; August - October 2010
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Gallery, Buckinghamshire; September - November 2010
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Gallery, Buckinghamshire; November 2009 - February 2010
Old Mulberry House, Old Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire; May - October 2009
Camelot Headquarters, Watford; December 2008
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Gallery, Buckinghamshire; September - November 2007
Chalfont Art Gallery, Buckinghamshire; June 2006 - July 2008
Group Exhibitions:
Art in the Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire. November 2010
Rogue Gene Collective, Cookham, Berkshire; May 2010
Art in the Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire; May 2010
Cookham Arts Club, Cookham, Berkshire; March 2010
Addingham Original Art Exhibitions, Addingham, Yorkshire featuring Rogue Gene Collective; June 2008
Rogue Gene Collective at Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire; June - August 2008.
Dedham Arts Centre, Dedham, East Anglia; April - June 2008
Kidderminster Gallery, Kidderminster; March 2008
ArtGo Essex. An Exhibition of Original Art, Chelmsford, Essex; October 2007
Cardrona Art Exhibition, Cardrona, Peeblesshire, Scotland; August 2006
Addingham Original Art Exhibition; November 2006
Addingham Original Art Exhibition; August 2006
Addingham Original Art Exhibition; July 2006
Addingham Original Art Exhibition; June 2006
Artist's Statement:
am a contemporary Artist specialising in sunsets, seascapes, landscapes and abstracts. As a child I grew up living in Hong Kong and my travels around South East Asia provided many opportunities to experience at first hand the richness of the local cultures and the variety of local art and custom. These experiences have undoubtably provided a strong influence on my style. I love working with acrylics and large canvases with the great freedom of expression they allow, and the endless possibilities in depth of colour and texture. The immediacy of seeing my work come to life quickly is another satisfaction. As well as producing original art work, I also build on concepts from previous works to produce new aspects or additional detail.Living in the Berkshire countryside provides many opportunities to take inspiration from the surrounding woodlands and fields with their ever changing colours and variety of shapes throughout the different seasons. Sunsets and lively skies also provide strong influences and in each painting I aim to capture and demonstrate the emotions and experiences that have been drawn upon to shape and develop it. My paintings are distinctive with their strong colours and flowing lines and each one is truly unique. When not painting, I devote much of my spare time developing my artwork, enhancing my skills, learning new techniques and trialling different styles and media.
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